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Common errors for importing bank transactions using CSV in QuickBooks Online

by Intuit Updated 3 weeks ago

If you followed the instructions in Manually upload transactions into QuickBooks Online, but you are not able to import your file, here are a few things to check before trying again.

Incorrect mapping

Make sure you have chosen the correct columns in the mapping stage. QuickBooks will not be able to read the data otherwise. To make the mapping stage easier, you can do the following:

  1. Delete columns you do not need from your CSV to avoid any confusion. The columns that are required by QuickBooks are:
    • Date
    • Description
    • Amount
  2. Change the names of the columns in your CSV to match the titles in QuickBooks.


Not all banks create their CSV files the same way, so you may need to make extra changes to get your transactions in. Here’s a few things to look out for:

  • Currency symbols and commas: it is best to keep the amounts column as simple as possible. To change this, highlight the column in your CSV, right-click your mouse and select Format Cells. If the category for the numbers is set to Currency, change this to General to remove the formatting, and attempt to upload the file again.
  • Special characters in the bank description can prevent you from importing your file. Look out for these and remove them before trying to upload the file again. Use Ctrl-H to easily find and replace the special character from the file.
  • Check the date format to make sure it matches the one you chose at the mapping stage. To make sure it is correct, highlight the date column. The Number dropdown at the top of your Excel screen should say. Date: click on the dropdown and change this to Short Date.

A great tip to check for formatting issues is to highlight the content of your CSV file, and copy it straight into a blank spreadsheet. This may reveal something you haven’t seen before, which you can correct to upload the file.

Money out transactions only

If you are using a CSV file with a debit and credit column, but you only have Money Out transactions in the period, this could give you an error when you try to upload the file.

To get around this, add an extra line with a positive amount. On the last page which shows you the list of transactions, untick the line you added, and confirm to upload the transactions to QuickBooks.

Account Type

Make sure you don't import to a subaccount, which is a current limitation. If you need to do so:

  • connect the subaccount directly to the bank feed.
  • Or, manually enter the transaction in QuickBooks Online.

Contact Support if you have a unique subaccount setup so we can help you identify the best way to move forward.

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