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Unlocking Payrun that has already had automatic super paid

I have a payrun error and need to unlock but I can as it say "This pay run cannot be unlocked because automated super payments have been made"

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Kass_B - Product Champion
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Unlocking Payrun that has already had automatic super paid

Hi Pao1234,


If you have made automated super payments using Beam, you will be unable to unlock this pay run. If you need to correct any errors, you would need to do so on another pay run. You can create an Ad Hoc pay schedule solely for the purposes of recording this error correction if you prefer; Ad Hoc pay runs are used to record corrections and using one will help it stand out from other regularly processed pay runs:


  1. Go to the Employees tab and select Payroll Settings.
  2. Click on Pay Schedules (under the Pay Run Settings subheading).
  3. Select the green Add button on the top right. Give the schedule a name (eg Ad Hoc). You can choose the frequency, included employees etc however these settings do not matter so much if this schedule will only be used for error correction and not actual pays. Then, Save.
  4. Exit this page and come back to the main Employees page, then select New Pay Run.
  5. Select the Ad Hoc pay schedule. Enter in the pay period as required (you can edit to be the same as the period you are amending, or to another range as required) and select 'Manually add employees to this pay run', then Create.
  6. Select Pay Run Actions, then Add Employee. Search and add in the employee.
  7. Use the employee's Actions buttons to record the change. Eg if they were paid too little, you can use 'Add Earnings' to top up the difference. If they were paid too much, use the 'Add Earnings' line but enter the difference as a negative figure, and so on.
  8. Once completed, save and Finalise the pay run. 



If the correction needs to be lodged to the ATO, you can then lodge an Update Event to bring across the updated information - see here for more details. Feel free to reply if you have further questions as I'm here to help.



Level 1

Unlocking Payrun that has already had automatic super paid

A way around this would be to create a new payrun that bring balances to what they should be.


if you have overpaid a staff member by Hours - 1   

PAYG: $3

Super: $4


then create a payrun and put a minus in front of the hourly pay rate -$2. This will make the total figure result in a negative one. Adjust the payg and super amounts accordingly and with a minus in front of the amount.


the payrun should result in negative figure for earnings and payg and super, . This in turn corrects the overall total in payroll for that employee.


Lauren Ainslie

Queanbeyan Bookkeeping