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Philip Min Ko
Level 1

Changing country name & tax name on invoice

I subscribed my account from Singapore to be used in Myanmar. On invoice, i can't change country name in address bar. And also although i created a custom tax name, it just show as GST total under subtotal line on Invoice. Since i am using quickbooks in Myanmar, those names "Singapore" in address and "Total GST" under subtotal lines are making me difficult to deal with my Myanmar Tax Officers.

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Changing country name & tax name on invoice

You'll want to create an account for Myanmar, Pegaz-solutions2515.


Changing the address and tax name is unavailable. You can only change it according to the region you're subscribed to.


You'll need to export your data first on your Singapore account. The data you can export includes reports, lists, non-posting transactions and attachments.


Once you exported your data, you'll want to cancel the account to avoid unnecessary charges.


You can check these articles on how to import the data to your new account:

Here's how to import:

  1. Click the Gear icon.
  2. Select Import Data.
  3. Choose the tile you want to import.
  4. Browse for the file you'd like to upload or download a sample file to get a feel for the mapping before you upload the actual file.
  5. Click Next.

As for the bank transactions, since you can't export it from QB, you'll need to export them from your bank. Then, import the bank transactions in QB.


It's quite a long process but this is the best solution for you. Let me know if you need further assistance.

Philip Min Ko
Level 1

Changing country name & tax name on invoice

you mean i have to subscribe new account from Myanmar site with another fees? How about my current subscription fees?

QuickBooks Team

Changing country name & tax name on invoice

Thanks for reaching back out, @Philip Min Ko.


Yes, you'll need to subscribe to a QBO (Myanmar) account so you can change the address and taxes on your invoices. And, you've got me here to discuss further on what will happen to your current account.


When it comes to your current QuickBooks Online (Singapore) subscription, you'll need to cancel this out so you can start with a new account. In doing so, you may reach out to our Customer Care Team. They have the tools to check on our subscription and transfer your information from one account to another and provide you with more details about its fee.


On the other hand, in transferring your company data this can be done through the export and import procedure as mention by my peer above.


Lastly, I've added here some resources that you can count on with changing an address and tax names:

This should get you covered today, Philip.


I'm still here to help if there's anything else you need. Just leave a comment below and I'll bet back to you. Have a great day!

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Changing country name & tax name on invoice

hi @Philip Min Ko ,

Yes you have to consider open a new account on QBO Global version


Then explore a 3rd party backup tool and the Copy feature to migrate your data between accounts.


Just my 2 cents.