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Can we view sent e-mails.

I have a couple of clients that have just migrated from QB Desktop to QBO.  They both have an issue with sent e-mails.  

Wanting to streamline things, they are willing to use the on-line mailing system, but neither like the fact that they cannot view the sent e-mails anywhere.  

Saving as PDFs and e-mailing manually is a solution, but the saving of PDFs is slow and this does not add a "SENT" notification to the transaction (list of invoices and quotes etc.).

Any solutions?

Many thanks


Level 2

Can we view sent e-mails.

Hello Mandy,

Let's go to your settings and set up your invoice copy.

You can set up your BCC field so you'll get a copy every time you send an invoice.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Gear icon.
  2. Choose Account and Settings.
  3. Click Sales.
  4. Under Messages, check the option that says Email me a copy at.
  5. Enter the email address in the Copy (CC)  new invoices to address or Blind Copy (Bcc) new invoices to address field.
  6. Click Save and Done.

Please let me know how it goes by leaving a comment below and I'll surely get back to you.

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Can we view sent e-mails.

Thanks IntuitRealice.  All sorted.
Level 2

Can we view sent e-mails.

Hi Mandy,

Your welcome!

Feel free to keep in touch if you have any other questions.
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Can we view sent e-mails.

What about copies of emails when sending Reports?  

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Can we view sent e-mails.

I can try to remember to CC myself every month on every report (yikes!)


Can we view sent e-mails.

Hello there, jamie3girls,


Being able to save the Carbon Copy email address would be great. I'll be sure to send this feedback to our product developers. I can see how this can be helpful when you're on-the-go.


Here's an article on memorised reports in QuickBooks Online: Memorise reports.


If you have other suggestions or feedback, you can leave a reply here. I'll note and send them to our developers.

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Can we view sent e-mails.

I think there should simply be a place in QBO to view emails and any communication that has gone back and forth between you and the client.


We shouldn't have to cc ourselves, it should be automatically retained within QBO.

QuickBooks Team

Can we view sent e-mails.

Hello there, lisacslater. 


The option to view the communincation status in QuickBooks Online is seen the Invoices page. Go  to the Sales menu and click Invoices. The option to see if what email that have gone back and forth is unavailable. 


You can review the status from there and see if it was Undelivered or Not sent so you can resend the Invoice again. If there were changes made to the transaction after it was first email, you can use the Audit Log report to check the original details.


My colleague already sent a feedback about your suggestion and I've notified our engineers again. 


I'll be here if you need more help!

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Can we view sent e-mails.

The issue here isn't to see the Invoice, as that is easy, the issue is to see the message sent to the customer in the email page.  Once you change the standard, built in message sent to the customer - the one they read first, before they click on the invoice,  QBO does not keep that message stored, so when you create a new invoice for the same customer and are in the 'send email' form, the Body of the email does not retain your changes, it reverts back to the standard QBO email body text without the changes from the last sent invoice.

Since you can't pull up or see what QBO sent the customer (if you missed clicking on the bcc box, which has to be checked and entered every single time or before you learn about this), you have to re-type the wording from memory, (if you didn't already get burned by this and have every single change for each client in a word doc). 

You can't be sure what the client actually sees in their email from you, if you miss the bcc.  How is that an Audit trail and usable for client disputes? 

Why can't we just see what the customer received, instead of looking through our inboxes for an email bcc'd to us from our QBO.  What if this is one of hundreds of invoices?  Why are we suppose to search through our history of emails to find the one bcc we need?  This doesn't make sense and goes against all the Audit tracking functionality.

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Can we view sent e-mails.

I sent an email to a client asking specific things before the pay, they say it was not clear, but I cannot see the email sent to check! How can there not be a way to do this? Has this not been resolved?

QuickBooks Team

Can we view sent e-mails.

I'd be glad to help you see the invoice sent to your customer in QuickBooks, @ShawnASul.


Let's pull up the Audit Log report so you can view the emails you've sent to your customers. This serves as an audit trail that lets you see exactly what changes were made, and who made them. 


To access, here's how:

  1. Select the Gear icon, then click Audit Log under Tools.
  2. Choose the Filter button.
  3. Choose the appropriate UserDate, or Events filter to narrow the results.
  4. Under the Events section, click the radio button beside Show only these events, then check the box beside Transactions.
  5. Click Apply.

Audit Log will present all the transactions made on the account based on the filtered date. Once done, find the invoice you've sent, then click the View hyperlink to review the status of the email. 


To learn more about invoicing in QuickBooks Accountant Online, feel free to check out this article for more details: Create and send invoices.


You can always get back to me directly by adding a comment below if you have any other queries about invoices. I'll be glad to help you. Keep safe always.

Level 1

Can we view sent e-mails.

Thanks, but when I get to the transaction, I do not see hyperlink.. I see history, with the option to view. This gives me the information of the email, but not the text " Dear xxxxx, please find attached your quotation etc...". What I want to see is the contents of the email that they received. Is this possible?

QuickBooks Team

Can we view sent e-mails.

Thanks for getting back to us, @@ShawnASul


I appreciate you for following the steps shared by my colleague. I'm here to share some details about seeing the emails you've sent to your clients.


Right now, there isn't a way to retrieve nor look back at the emails you sent from QuickBooks Online. You will need to ask for those emails from the recipients to view the contents.


However, you can turn on the  Email me a copy feature. This way, the program will automatically send you a copy of the email that you've sent to your clients. Let me guide you how:


  1. Click the Gear icon in the upper right corner.
  2. From the Your Company column, choose Account and Settings.
  3. Select the Sales tab on the left.
  4. In the Messages section, click the Edit icon (pencil image).
  5. Put a check mark in the Email me a copy at [your email address] box.
  6. Click Save and Done once you're through.


In the meantime, I'd suggest visiting our QuickBooks Online Blog regularly. This way you'll be updated with the latest news and updates including product improvements. 


Also, I recommend reading this article that will guide you in personalizing your form designs and adding the information that matters the most to your business: Customise invoices, quotes, and sales receipts in QuickBooks Online.


Get back to me if you have any other questions. I'm always here to help. Have a good day!

New Member

Can we view sent e-mails.

The instructions seem to be looping back to the original issue.


From what I understand, unless you have checked the option to email yourself a copy of the email sent, there is no possible way of seeing the actual email that was sent via QuickBooks.


The directions to view the Audit Log do show you the history of an invoice (creation to sending), but again it does not allow you to view the email body that was sent to the invoice recipient.

QuickBooks Team

Can we view sent e-mails.

Hello, @CanadianEh.


When sending your transactions from QuickBooks, you can see a preview of the actual your client would receive. Also, you can set up a default email for that will be use every time you email a sales form from QuickBooks. I can guide you on how to do it.

  1. Go to the Gear icon.
  2. Choose Account and Settings.
  3. From the Sales menu, locate the Messages section.
  4. Select the Sales form you'd like to set.
  5. Enter the default email message.
  6. Click Save

Lastly, make sure to set your QuickBooks to attached a copy of the actual PDF file of the sales form. Here's how:

  1. Go to the Gear icon.
  2. Choose Account and Settings.
  3. Select Sales.
  4. From the Online delivery section, make sure the PDF Attached is ticked.
  5. Click Save. Then, Done.

This way, they can see the actual copy of the invoice.


I'm adding these articles to help you manage your sale forms in QuickBooks:

Keep me posted if you have other questions or concerns. I'm always here to help.