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Upload missing bank transactions

upload missing bank transactions
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QuickBooks Team

Upload missing bank transactions

I can show you how to retrieve those transactions that are missing to get the data you need in QuickBooks Online (QBO), jolin-threetclea.


If you're unable to retrieve those transactions in QBO, you can log in to your bank's website, download the necessary transactions, and then import them into your company file.


Here are the revised instructions to log into your bank website and download the transactions:


1. Sign in to your bank or credit card's website. 

2. Follow the instructions to download CSV files of your transactions to your computer. Each financial institution has different steps. 

3. Make sure the date range for the download begins at least one day before your oldest transaction. 

4. Download your transactions and save the file somewhere easily accessible, like your computer's desktop.


For manual transaction steps, here's how: 


  1. First, go to Transactions and then select Bank Transactions.
  2.  After that, choose the blue tile for the account where you want to upload the transactions. 
  3. Click on the Link account▼ dropdown and select Upload from the file.
  4. Next, select Drag and Drop or select Files and choose the file you downloaded from your bank. 
  5. Then, click Continue. In the QuickBooks account▼ dropdown, select the account where you want to upload the transactions and then click Continue. Follow the onscreen instructions to match the columns on the file with the correct fields in QuickBooks. 
  6. Then, click Continue. Choose the transactions you want to import and then click Continue
  7. Finally, select Yes and then click Done.


For more details, on how to manually upload transactions from your bank or credit card  click the link.


If your bank only provides PDF or Docs format and doesn't offer CSV or QBO format, you can use a third-party application to convert the files to a format compatible with the program. Visit our app store for more information:


If you still have other questions regarding missing bank transactions, feel welcome to add a reply below. I'll be glad to answer them for you.

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Upload missing bank transactions


Another option, use one of the converter tools (e.g csv2qbo @ $60 one time license) as a workaround.