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Is a barcode scanner compatible with quickbooks online?

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Is a barcode scanner compatible with quickbooks online?

QuickBooks Online is currently not optimized for barcode scanning, info388.


I believe having a compatible barcode scanner for QBO will be beneficial to users. I will pass this idea to our engineers.


You can try finding a third-party inventory software online (Google) that offers barcode scanning and can connect to QuickBooks. You can also search for a barcode scanner app for mobile devices that offers integration with QuickBooks.


On the other hand, you can visit our QuickBooks Blog page to stay updated with the latest features in QuickBooks.


If you have questions aside from barcode scanning, feel free to reach out.

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Is a barcode scanner compatible with quickbooks online?

hi @info388 ,

Consider using a 3rd party inventory management and you will find a feature of barcode scanning.


Just my 2 cents.

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Is a barcode scanner compatible with quickbooks online?

When with a barcode scanner be compatible with Quickbooks?  We are a wholesale distributor that has been growing consistently since we opened in 2012.  With thousands of products in inventory it is becoming crucial that we move to a bar code scanning system. It is time consuming to pick through all products looking for the correct item to input into an invoice and the rate of errors is increasing as we grow and add products.  I would think that in this day and age this would be an essential tool for most businesses.  When can we expect QB to address this issue?  I have been with QB since 2012 and QB online since 2016 I'm still waiting but I won't be able to for much longer.  QB really needs to update to the needs of its users. 


Is a barcode scanner compatible with quickbooks online?

I appreciate you for using QuickBooks for how many years, @skinfxinc


Please know that we are constantly seeking ways to make the use of QuickBooks more pleasant and convenient. 


I know adding barcodes to QuickBooks Online South Africa consumers would be advantageous. As a valued customer, we'd love to have your input on the features you want to see in future releases. Thus, they will notify and review your suggestions to consider adding them in later releases.


Proceed to:


  1. Go to the Gear icon on the upper right hand. 
  2. Select the Feedback button. 
  3. Type your suggestions in the field and click Next



The company listens to its customer base, which is why many of the program's current features were suggestions from QuickBooks' users. The company wants to hear from you, too, so check out its website to vote on future ideas: Customer Feedback for QuickBooks.


For now, I cannot tell when our development team will be releasing an update for the barcode scanner feature in QuickBooks Online. You may consider checking our blog website to keep you up to date on the feature release.


Meanwhile, we can look for a third-party application to help use the barcode scanner and add products to a particular transaction within QuickBooks. 


Here are some useful articles to learn more about handling inventory and adjustments for your future reference:



If you ever need further assistance, do not hesitate to reply to this thread. I will do my best to provide support. Take care. 

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Is a barcode scanner compatible with quickbooks online?


You need a 3rd party app with the barcode function to integrate with QBO.


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