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upgrade the products basic information features

To: QB Accountant Online Team



I beleive most clients will also expect those basic features upgrade as following:


1. add a tag on the products for runing promotion sale price and setup start and end date for the promotions;


2. add multiple sale prices feature allow user to setup sale price by defferent class.


3. add products packege information tag allows user setup dimensions and weight, this basic information will help the intergraion with webside backend, all clients who runing online store or E-commerce will be interest for this support.  


Thank you!



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Kristine Mae

upgrade the products basic information features

I appreciate you bringing those features up, Andyweng. I know they can be helpful to our customers.


Let's run over to each features one by one.

  1. You can only add a discount to an invoice/sales receipt. This will help you with running a promotion sale price. 
  2. The pricing rules feature is only available in the US version.
  3. Adding product page information is unavailable as well. 

Most of our new features come from our customers' feedback. I'll take note of your concern and send it to our management team. This will be submitted to our product engineers for review.


If there's anything else that you need, please don't hesitate to let us know. 

Level 1

upgrade the products basic information features

Hi Kristine 


Thank you for your reply in time. But I think discount feature on sale invoice or receipt doesn't help client's business on runing a promotion price with start date and end date.


when will QBO international version users can expect the price rule feature released ? 


Thank you again to take a consideration for the upgrade suggestion mentioned.



QuickBooks Team

upgrade the products basic information features

I appreciate you getting back to us, @867474.


At this time, setting and running a promotion sales price with a start and end date isn't available. As mentioned by my colleague above, you can consider adding a discount to an invoice or sales receipts for the promotion sales price as a workaround.


Also, for the price rules feature, we don't have the exact time frame on when it will be available in QuickBooks Online (QBO) International. Our product engineers are considering all suggestions based on the number of requests before they're rolled out.


But I want to let you know that your voice matters and I'm submitting feedback directly to our engineers for consideration. For now, you can visit our blog site so you'll be able to get the latest news about QuickBooks and what our Product Care Team is working on. 


If you have other concerns, just comment below or post again. I'll be sure to get back to you. Have a good one.