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Case: i can return any number of goods regardless if the customer bought them or not. that is not right i need to return the amounts that customer actually bought how??

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QuickBooks Team

You’ve come to the right place, ahmdsltanwego.  Yes, you...

You’ve come to the right place, ahmdsltanwego

Yes, you can refund the amount your customer bought the goods from you. There are two ways on how to perform it in QuickBooks.

If your customer pays an item but wants to return it, you can use the Refund Receipt feature. This is to record the reimbursement via cash or cheque for a full or partial amount. This only affects the bank balance, not your customer's balance. Please make sure a credit note has not been entered yet to avoid a double refund. Allow me to guide you through the steps.

  1. Go to the Create (+) icon at the upper right.
  2. Select Refund Receipt.
  3. Choose the Customer.
  4. Select the Payment Method, and Refund From account.
  5. Choose the same product/service you are refunding.
  6. Enter the exact amount of the refund.
  7. Fill out the necessary fields.
  8. Click Save and close.

See the screenshot below to show you the first two steps.

If your customer made a prepayment but cancel it before he receives the goods, you’ll first have to record the refund cheque or expense. This reduces your bank’s balance and offsets your customer’s prepayment. 

Once done, you can pair the cheque or expense with the prepayment. For detailed steps, see the Refund a customer for open credit, prepayment, or overpayment section through this article:

You can go to the All Sales menu to view your refund receipt or refund cheque with the payment. This menu also shows you the status and amounts of your other sales transactions. To learn more about this page, visit this article:

Just drop me a line below if there’s anything else you need. Have a great day, ahmdsltanwego