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Billing page not showing


the billing page is unable to load, i tried by Chrome / chrome incognito / mozilla firefox but only the billing page is missing and cant change my payment method

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QuickBooks Team
QuickBooks Team

Billing page not showing

Hi there, walid.

We appreciate you performing some troubleshooting steps to get the Billing and Subscription page working. Cases like this, I'd suggest contacting our Customer Support Team. They'll further investigate what's causing this issue.

They'll also help you update your payment information. Here's how to reach them:
  1. Click Help on the top menu.
  2. Choose Contact us.
  3. Enter can't access Billing and Subscription page in the What can we help you with? field.
  4. Click Let's talk.
  5. Choose Start an email to connect with us.

I have articles here about updating billing information and subscription:

Visit the Community if you need anything else in managing your account in QuickBooks Online. I'm always here to help.
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Billing page not showing

I am also unable to see the billing options. What was the solution recommended?

Kristine Mae

Billing page not showing

It may be you're experiencing some browser hiccups, PTMel.


When you visit a website, the cache will store any information and will take the space on the computer's memory. If it'll overload, it will cause unusual behavior.


We'll have to perform basic troubleshooting steps. To start with, let's access QuickBooks Online through a private browser. This is the best place to identify web issues. Here are the shortcut keys:

  • Google Chrome: Ctrl + Shift + N 
  • Mozilla Firefox: Ctrl + Shift + P
  • Internet Explorer: Ctrl + Shift + P
  • Safari: Command + Shift + N

If you're able to see the billing page, let's go back to your main browser, then clear it's cache. This helps us refresh the program.


Although, if you're still unable to go to the billing page, I'd suggest reaching out to our customer care support. An agent will take a closer look at your issue. They can also update your payment method. Just follow RCV's steps on how you can reach out to us. 


We're just here if you have other concerns. Swing by anytime. 

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Billing page not showing

I’m having the same issues and customer service has no answers. 


Billing page not showing

Have you tried performing the steps shared by Kristine Mae, Btoups?


There are times that the unexpected issues on the pages we've opened like QuickBooks can be resolved by performing the basic troubleshooting steps.


Afterward, let's open the Billing & Subscription page again.


If you still get the same thing, it would be best to reach out to our Phone Support team. An agent will take a look at your account and verify this issue further. I'll show you how:


  1. From the ? Help icon, and then click Contact Us.
  2. Enter Billing and Subscription is not working.
  3. Click Let's talk.
  4. Choose either Message an Agent or Get a callback.


Also, you may have called our support beyond the business hours. This can be the reason why your call was not answered. Rest assured, once our business hours resume, an agent will help you with this concern.


In case you want to view your billing history, you can check this article: View your QuickBooks Online payment history.


Please let me know if you still need my help!

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Billing page not showing

Interestingly the "Cancel Subscription" is where this is supposed to be.

QuickBooks Team

Billing page not showing

Hi there, Hapsmig.


The Cancel Subscription button is under the box where your subscription details are located (see attached screenshot). You also need to make sure that you're logged in as company or Master admin so you can see this option.


If you can't still see it, please contact our phone support team. They can verify your account details and process the cancellation for you. Here's how: 


  1. Go to the Help menu and select Contact Us.
  2. Let them know that you're not able to cancel your subscription, then click Let's talk.
  3. Click Message an agent or Get a callback.

Visit us again in the Community if you have other questions.