John Pathrose

John Pathrose


The Value of Building a Connected Brand

A decade ago, having a strong brand was all about unity. As long as your accounting firm’s visual identity and communications were cohesive your brand was considered effective.

LinkedIn Tips for Accountants in Malaysia

For accountants and other professionals, their LinkedIn profiles are one of the top sites used to research their services, so it’s important to have these key LinkedIn profile aspects in tip-top shape!

Connect with your future clients - A guide for accounting firms

Don’t be scared about the prospect of marketing your business online. It’s really not as hard or time consuming as you think. You’ll have to put in some time upfront to get things up and rolling, but once you’ve got a system into place, you just have to keep the wheels rolling.

Using social media to build your accounting practice

What’s great about social media for accounting and other professional services industries is it can propel you to thought leader/expert status in a very short period of time. Read the full article written by Sandi Smith.

How mobile solutions benefit Small businesses

Your Guide to Cloud Accounting

Cloud Accounting e-book

How to Profit from Cloud Accounting - By Mark Wickersham FCA

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