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On average, small businesses spend 23% of their workday manually entering data

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What is an Invoice?

Learn what to include on an invoice. Review the basic information you need and get tips on how to encourage your clients to pay their invoices faster. Read about the advantages of electronic invoicing, and find out why it's useful to have invoicing software that syncs with your accounting software.

How to Follow-up when a Client doesn’t Pay an Invoice

How to create an Invoice

Let’s say you send 10 invoices per month, and the process takes you 1 hour a piece. This is time that you could be using fulfilling services or generating new business. Using software, you can trim your invoicing time down from 10 hours to 1 hour.

How QuickBooks Invoicing Software can Save you Time and Money

How QuickBooks Invoicing Software can Save you Time and Money

What is an Invoice?

Has your Business Outgrown Manual Invoicing?

As your business grows and you start to process more and more invoices, managing them manually in Word, Excel, Sheets or PDF documents can become a real challenge. It might be time to switch to accounting software to eliminate manual data entry, automate and keep more accurate records.

How Small Businesses Can Stay On Top Of Their Finances

How to create an invoice with the works

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