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Accounting Term: Diversification

Explore the benefits of generating sales leads on social media. Around 96% of Malaysians who use the internet are on social media, so it's a good time to create social media profiles that generate leads. Ensure your social media profiles offer enough information to spark a potential customer's interest.

How to Name and Register a New Business in Malaysia

Motivate your team to increase productivity by creating a positive work environment and giving them the tools they need for success. Simplifying processes and keeping employees motivated to work toward the expected outcomes helps boost productivity, which saves your company valuable time and money.

Sole Proprietors: Pay Yourself First

Review the importance of paying yourself even when you're the boss. Look at what can happen when you forget to pay yourself, read tips about how to budget for your own pay, and consider alternatives to paying yourself such as reinvesting money into the company and covering your personal expenses with savings.

Why Social Media Platforms Are Fast Becoming a Marketer's First Choice

Learn why social media platforms are so attractive for marketers. Look at the advantages of using social media for your business, including exposure, direct communication with customers, free options, and targeted advertising. Start to decide if you should create a social media page for your business.

Cost Reductions for Small Businesses: Outsourcing

Outsource certain tasks for your small business to reduce your costs and maximise your profits. By letting a pro handle specialised tasks for your business, you save time and reduce your stress. You can often save money by outsourcing a small amount of work over hiring a full-time employee.

Crowdfunding for Small Businesses

Gain the startup capital you need to start your small business through crowdfunding. As an alternative to traditional sources of funds for small businesses, crowdfunding connects you with individual investors who want to support your company. These smaller donations add up to the funding you need for your business.

What is a Private Limited Company and What are the Benefits?

Take a look at the private limited company, Malaysia's most popular form of corporate organisation. This arrangement brings special legal and tax benefits, as well as the unique cachet of running your own enterprise in one of the world's most pro-business economies. Find out what's made "Sdn Bhd" such a popular tag.

How to Increase Employee Productivity

Boost your company's productivity with a fresh outlook and some helpful new apps. These strategies can drive increases in productivity, shorten project completion times, and widen your profit margin at minimal cost to your budget. Integrate select productivity apps with your system to lift productivity even more.

5 Funding Options for Starting a New Business

How to Become a Seller on Malaysia's Most Popular E-Commerce Platform

Learn how to set up a seller account on Malaysia's largest e-commerce platform, Lazada. Understand why Lazada is a prime choice for entrepreneurs wanting to sell products online, and peruse the list of tools and apps available to help you personalize and streamline your e-commerce pages for customer engagement.

Need Help? Preparing to Hire Your First Employee in Malaysia

Secure your first great employee by following this simple guide. Get tips on how to determine if you need to hire full-time, part-time or on contract and assess, if you can afford a new employee, how to write an effective job description, and how to conduct an interview.

5 Essentials for Starting a Successful E-Commerce Business

Learn more about the type of common challenges small business owners are facing, and get some tips on how to overcome these obstacles. Discover how to attract more customers, maintain profitability, and obtain funding for expansion.

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