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Growing a business

Why Social Media Platforms Are Fast Becoming a Marketer's First Choice

Ten to fifteen years ago, people were just starting to use social media, but in that short time span, these platforms have become extremely popular worldwide. For many businesses, social media is the first place they turn when they want to promote their products and services, and there’s a number of reasons why this is happening.

Millions of Social Media Users

Every year, more people turn to social media than television and newspapers for the information they consume. Around 81% of Malaysians use Facebook , making it an extremely attractive platform for advertising. Although fewer Malaysians use Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, these sites offer marketers a compelling opportunity to reach consumers as well.

Targeted Audiences

It’s not just the millions of users that makes social media compelling for advertisers. It’s the opportunity for targeted marketing. While on social media, users share all kinds of information about their hobbies and interests as well as their ages, locations, and other demographics. As a result, marketers can customise who sees their ads. For instance, if you’re selling shoes that appeal to women in a certain age and income category, you can request to only show your ads to people who meet your target criteria. That makes your marketing more effective, because you’re not wasting money on disinterested audiences.

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Free Marketing Options

While paid social media advertising gives you the chance to reach a targeted groups of people, there are also free options. Business owners can set up a profile for their business on the most popular social media sites without paying anything. In fact, some business owners use social media websites exclusively instead of traditional websites. With so many platforms, social media lets you share important information about your business, location, hours, and products. A business page or profile on a social media website is easier and less expensive to set up than a website and has a good chance of being picked up by search engines.

That said, a social media page is more than just a website, which is another reason marketers are flocking to these platforms. When you have a social media page, you can share posts about new products, special events, and upcoming sales. You can also post links to your blog and share relevant social media content posted by other users or information that your customers might enjoy. Then, when your social media followers comment on or share your posts, their followers see that and learn about your business, too.

Increased Exposure for Your Brand

A social media page on any of the leading platforms gives you the chance to connect with current and potential customers directly. On Facebook, for example, your customers can message you directly, review your business, and post comments or concerns on your page. You can also get your customers to advocate for your brand. If you’re launching a new product, for instance, you might encourage people to post photographs of themselves on social media using the product or to use a certain hashtag to draw attention to posts about your company.

Using social media can be a lot of fun, but more importantly for business owners, the top social media platforms in Malaysia can be an effective way to connect with existing customers and find new ones. These platforms can help take your business to the next level.