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Introducing Shawn Sagert
  • Non profit organisation
  • Humanitarian work
  • Canadian in Guatemala since 2007

Meet Shawn Sagert and his non-profit organisation, Tamar's Hope (La Esperanza de Tamar).
Shawn Sagert

In 2017, Shawn Sagert and his wife started Tamar's Hope in Guatemala. After a visit to Central America, they saw the need for helping women impacted by the sex trade and the associated exploitation and trafficking. Since their work with the organisation, they're now seeing positive results in transforming their lives.

The parent company of Tamar's Hope is based out of Canada, and Shawn relies on QuickBooks to present his finacial reports to them on a regular basis. "I keep track of everything our organisation does with QuickBooks. I input all my numbers at least weekly, which helps me keep it all tidy. It's just easy."

I can't live without QuickBooks, it's a great tool to do financial reporting for our parent organisation in Canada.

Prior to starting this organisation, Shawn hadn't used an accounting software before. Over time he was able to educate himself on it. He said QuickBooks made it easy to input what he needed in order to get familiar with the system.

The tools I use

Expense tracking

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Accounting reporting

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The tools I use

QuickBooks helps me save time and keep everything organised. Everything is easily accessible whenever I need it, it's convenient.

What advice does he have for other small businesses?

Shawn advises all business owners is to get familiar with their finances to help them grow.

You can learn more about Shawn Sagert's non-profit organisation here:

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