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Becoming an App Advisor: How to Guide Your Clients in Selecting Apps for QuickBooks Online

As an accountant, you hold the power to transform a business. By guiding your clients in selecting apps for their QuickBooks Online account, you can help increase their productivity and supercharge their workflow and business operations. When you help clients connect to useful apps for QuickBooks, they will spend less time completing tasks that can be automated by an app integration.

In this article, we will explore:

Why is recommending apps to QuickBooks Online clients important?

Helping clients customize their QuickBooks Online account by connecting to apps that streamline and automate their daily business and accounting tasks will show your clients your dedication to helping them achieve success by providing solutions for their unique pain points.

Adding app advisory to your services is likely to help increase your client’s satisfaction with your services. Advising on the best apps for QuickBooks clients could also help increase your client referrals and attract new customers to your accounting firm.

How to Advise Clients on Connecting to QuickBooks Apps

QuickBooks Online can connect to a wide range of apps to suit business needs across various industries and verticals. QuickBooks integrates with over 500 apps that business owners may already use to streamline various business processes. 

You should consider your client’s industry, their business needs, and the pain points they face in order to recommend apps that will provide a tailored solution to the challenges they may be facing. Assessing your client’s key pain points and business bottlenecks will help you advise your clients on the apps that will provide the greatest benefit to their business. 

Consider these benefits of integrating QuickBooks with apps when assessing your client’s pain points:

  • Increased Productivity: Apps that take care of tasks automatically reduce the need for manual data entry and repetition of tasks. Increased automation will give your clients more time to work on their business and increase their productivity.
  • Save Time: Apps that help increase automation save your clients time to focus on creative tasks and grow their business whilst helping you reduce the amount of hours dedicated to one client.
  • Deeper Insights: Apps that integrate with QuickBooks Online can offer additional analysis features to provide deeper insights into your clients' financial data, trends, and performance.
  • Customization: Clients can customize their QuickBooks Online account to access more information relevant to their industry and finances.
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Apps for QuickBooks Retail Clients

Let’s look at how you can advise your retail clients on some of the most popular apps for QuickBooks Online.

Retail businesses buy and sell products, and they’re often the most common type of business client you may advise. Examples of retail businesses include retail stores, wholesalers, and e-commerce businesses.

The pain points of retail businesses often center on tracking and managing inventory and making sure there is sufficient stock to fulfill purchase orders. E-commerce retailers may also face challenges managing their customer lists.

Retail clients who sell products, in particular e-commerce retailers, may benefit from connecting to an inventory app to sync their products and inventory levels and manage order fulfillment all in one place.

Consider the following apps to integrate with QuickBooks Online and address your client’s pain points:

  • Dear Inventory: Manage inventory through a smartphone or tablet device, or collaborate with the client’s POS system. This is a great app for e-commerce businesses with a complicated inventory.
  • SOS Inventory: A complete inventory management tool, SOS Inventory is perfect for retail businesses with inventory stored across many locations.
  • Shopify by OneSaaS: Utilize a full e-commerce platform with Shopify and integrate client sales into QuickBooks. Sales receipts are automatically stored, providing a fully equipped e-commerce solution.

If your clients run an e-commerce store, here is a list of other popular e-commerce apps that can connect to QuickBooks:

  • WooCommerce by OneSaas
  • eBay by OneSaas
  • BigCommerce by OneSaas
  • Squarespace by OneSaas
  • Magento by OneSaas
  • OpenCart by OneSaas
  • Loyverse by OneSaas
  • Wix by OneSaas
  • Ecwid by OneSaas
  • Etsy by OneSaas
  • Shopify|Stripe|Square|PayPal|eBay|Etsy|Amazon sync - Synder
  • A2X for Amazon

Apps for QuickBooks Professional Services Clients

Let’s look at how you can advise your professional services clients on apps they can integrate into QuickBooks Online.

Professional services clients are trained in specialized knowledge and skills in a particular industry. Examples of clients in professional services include lawyers, marketing professionals, and consultants.

The main pain points of these clients center around tracking time when working remotely, reporting on the status of projects, managing projects and tasks, and managing their customer lists.

When choosing one of these apps, clients can connect to QuickBooks Online and address relevant pain points:

  • Method:CRM: Monitor customer interactions effortlessly with a solo integrated app. User information is maintained, with double entry prevented. 
  • Aero Workflow: Manage workflow in the workplace, specifically tailored for the professional service industry.
  • QuickBooks Time: If your clients need help tracking time, discuss the option of connecting their QuickBooks Online account to the QuickBooks Time app to simplify the time tracking process.

Apps for QuickBooks Field Services Clients

Let’s look at how you can advise your field services clients on apps they can integrate into QuickBooks Online

Businesses classified as field services go out to their customers’ workplaces or homes to perform a variety of tasks. Typical examples of field services include construction businesses, plumbers, electricians, and landscapers.

Pain points of field service businesses involve tracking materials and expense management. Other challenges include job costing, remote time tracking, and scheduling further visits to a customer.

Integrate your clients' QuickBooks Online account with expense management apps to further help them keep track of expenses. Here are some of the most popular expense management apps for QuickBooks Online:

  • Receipt Bank (rebranded as Dext Prepare): Help your clients transform their productivity by easily extracting info from receipts and invoices in QuickBooks.
  • AutoEntry: Help your clients save time by automating the entry of bills, receipts, bank statements, sales invoices & more.
  • Jobber: A key app for small to medium-sized businesses in the field service industry who specialize in working at the home or workplace of their customers.
  • Knowify: A perfect app for contractors who need help with job costing and report features.

How to add apps in QuickBooks?

Connect your apps to QuickBooks in 3 simple steps:

  1. Sign in to a QuickBooks Online account
  2. Go to ‘Apps’ in the menu on the left
  3. Search for your favorite app, connect it, and let QuickBooks do the syncing.

Look out for new QuickBooks apps that may benefit your clients and help improve their productivity. Sign up to QuickBooks Online Accountant for free today to empower your accounting firm to better manage your clients' books.

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