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Everything you need to start a business

Starting a business takes a lot of commitment and effort, and it's important to understand the process. Our articles will guide you through each new business step, ensuring you're well-prepared for success.

A person starting a small business with his laptop.

Steps to starting a business

Start your entrepreneurial journey with our step-by-step guide

79% of customers say QuickBooks makes it easier to understand their business finances.*

Customer success stories

Customer success stories

 A small business owner Nils Peters in his bicycle shop.
“I use QuickBooks for all my decision making. By having access to all the information on hand - it's just a much more simple solution than the one I was on. It’s a really great tool for business owners or entrepreneurs to be really informed on what's happening in your company. QuickBooks had a big impact.”
Nils Peters, Hiplus
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Why new businesses choose QuickBooks


Save time with automated accounting

75% of customers say QuickBooks saves them more time than their previous method.*


Visualise your financial performance

76% of customers say QuickBooks gives them useful insights and a complete view of their business.*


Boost efficiency and streamline operations

Customers save 13.3 hours a week compared to their previous method.*

Disclaimer: *Based on September 2022 survey of small businesses using QuickBooks Online in global markets who stated they previously used a spreadsheet to manage their business finances. Global markets exclude AU, BR, CA, FR, IN, MX, UK, and US.

What can QuickBooks Accounting Software do for your small business

Frequently asked questions

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