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Small Business Invoice Templates

As a business owner, you’re responsible for every aspect of your small business from customer service to managing finances, and invoicing. Download a QuickBooks small business invoice template to simplify your billing process and save time on invoicing.

Download a Small Business Invoice Template

Simply download your business invoice template, fill in the details, customize it with your business branding, and send it to your customers. 

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Invoice template for Word

A green and white logo with numbers on it.

Invoice template for Excel

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Invoice template for PDF

Save time and automate your invoicing with QuickBooks

Our customers save 9 hours per week on invoicing.*

Industry-Specific Invoice Templates for your Small Business

Simply download your business invoice template, fill in the details, customize it with your business branding, and send it to your customers.

Contractor invoice template

Contractor Invoice Template

A contractor invoice template makes it easy to bill for every job whether you’re an electrician, carpenter, or specialist in trades and technical services. Customize our sample invoice with your jobs and get paid on time.

Contractor invoice - Excel template

Contractor invoice - Word template

Contractor invoice - PDF template

Construction invoice template

Construction Invoice Template

Whether you’re building homes or renovating offices, you can customize our construction invoice template with your labor costs, construction materials, and site cleanup fees. Download a sample invoice now.

Construction Invoice - Excel Template

Construction Invoice - Word Template

Construction Invoice - PDF Template

Rental invoice template

Rental Invoice Template

Download a rental invoice template and customize your rent frequency, due date, and late fees, ready to send to your tenant. Reuse our template to make sure your rent is paid on time.

Rental Invoice - Excel Template

Rental Invoice - Word Template

Rental Invoice - PDF Template

Photography invoice template

Photography Invoice Template

Are you a photojournalist or wedding photographer? Create professional invoices using our photography invoice template to charge clients for your services. Customize it to match your photography style.

Photography Invoice - Excel Template

Photography Invoice - Word Template

Photography Invoice - PDF Template

Plumbing invoice templat

Plumbing Invoice Template

Use our plumbing invoice template to quote clients for a plumbing job or send an itemized final invoice for completed work including your labor cost, materials, and clean-up fees.

Plumbing Invoice - Excel Template

Plumbing Invoice - Word Template

Plumbing Invoice - PDF Template

Legal invoice template

Legal Invoice Template

Download our legal invoice template and customize it with your flat fee, hourly rate, contingency fee or retainer amount depending on your legal services agreement. Make billing food your legal services a breeze.

Legal Invoice - Excel Template

Legal Invoice - Word Template

Legal Invoice - PDF Template

Artist invoice template

Artist Invoice Template

Whether you’re painting a nursery or illustrating the next big comic book, our artist invoice templates make it easy to invoice your clients for your labor, supplies and creative work with customizable fields.

Artist Invoice - Excel Template

Artist Invoice - Word Template

Artist Invoice - PDF Template

Landscaping invoice template

Landscaping Invoice Template

Running a landscaping business is hard work so we’ve made billing easy with our landscaping invoice template. Simply add in your planning, materials, equipment, labor costs, and payment terms and it’s ready to send.

Landscaping Invoice - Excel Template

Landscaping Invoice - Word Template

Landscaping Invoice - PDF Template

Professional Services invoice template

Professional Services Invoice Template

Use our professional services invoice template to create an itemized list of all the services you provided to a customer. Include the hours worked, your rate for each service, the total amount due, and payment terms.

Professional Services Invoice - Excel Template

Professional Services Invoice - Word Template

Professional Services Invoice - PDF Template

Restaurant invoice template

Restaurant Invoice Template

Download our restaurant invoice template to bill customers for hosting special events and functions and providing services such as catering. Add an itemized list of the food purchased and any deposit fees.

Restaurant Invoice - Excel Template

Restaurant Invoice - Word Template

Restaurant Invoice - PDF Template

IT Services invoice template

IT Services Invoice Template

As an IT professional you will have a variety of clients that require unique services. Download our IT services invoice template and customize it with your consultation fees, software fees, and maintenance fees.

IT Services Invoice - Excel Template

IT Services Invoice - Word Template

IT Services Invoice - PDF Template

Property Management invoice template

Property Management Invoice Template

Download our property management invoice template and itemize your tenant screenings, maintenance repairs, and rent collection. Our templates help you stay organized when managing multiple properties.

Property Management Invoice - Excel Template

Property Management Invoice - Word Template

Property Management Invoice - PDF Template

Free small business invoice templates vs QuickBooks invoicing software

Ready to automate your small business invoicing? QuickBooks Online invoicing software allows you to create and send customized professional invoices directly from your smartphone or computer.

89% of customers say QuickBooks makes it easy for them to create, send and manage invoices.*

Free invoice


Free invoice

Create invoice

QuickBooks invoicing software

Plans & pricing
Customize invoice
Calculate sales tax
Send invoices online
Track invoice status
Accept payments online, on invoices
Send automated payment reminders
Integrated with accounting software
Connect your bank account
Instant deposits

$0, unlimited

$0, unlimited

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    Invoicing Resources

    Visit our helpful articles to learn how to create an invoice for your small business, what to include and how to customize your invoice templates in Word, Excel and PDF.

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    Learn about the best types of invoices and how to fill out free downloadable invoice templates for your small business in this QuickBooks guide.

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    How to Create an Invoice?

    Creating an invoice can be a challenge since there are many ways to do so. Read our guide to learn about the different ways and how to create an invoice.

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    Start getting paid faster with QuickBooks

    * Based on September 2022 survey of small businesses using QuickBooks Online in global markets who stated they invoice customers using QuickBooks. Global markets exclude AU, BR, CA, FR, IN, MX, UK, and US.