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Troubleshoot printing problems in Safari

by Intuit Updated 1 month ago

Quickly troubleshoot common printing problems when using Safari in Mac OS X with these easy steps.

Note:These troubleshooting steps apply to Safari 11 or later.

When I print my invoice the right margin is being cut off

If you find the right margin of your invoice is being cut off during printing, adjust your printing setup, and alignment in QuickBooks Online. If that doesn't fix the issue, check your settings in Preview.

How to check your settings in Preview:

  1. Select Sales or Invoicing.
  2. Find the invoice you want to print. Then, in the Action column, select Print.
  3. On the Print preview screen, select Print or press Command-P.
  4. Set Scaling to 100%.
  5. Make sure the border is set to None in the Layout section.
  6. Make sure the Scale to Fit Paper Size option is turned off in the Paper Handling section.

Third-party PDF plug-ins

If you have third-party PDF plug-ins installed (including Adobe's own plug-ins), you'll need to remove them from Safari. This allows Safari's own internal PDF viewer to take over as the browser's default PDF handler.

How to remove third-party plug-ins:

  1. Quit Safari.
  2. Open a new Finder window. Then select the Go menu and choose Go To Folder.
  3. Type the following in the field: /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/.
  4. If there are plugins named PDF Browser Plugin.plugin, AdobePDFViewerNPAPI.plugin, or AdobePDFPDE.plugin, move them to the recycle bin or somewhere else on your system. You may need to enter your password to authorise the removal.
  5. Reopen Safari and sign in to QuickBooks Online.
  6. Try to print your document.

Additional troubleshooting steps for printing issues

In some cases, printing issues may be resolved by installing an updated printer driver or by using a generic Postscript driver that comes with OS X.

Note: To try these additional steps, contact your printer manufacturer or Apple support for assistance.

That's it. You now know how to troubleshoot printing problems in Safari.

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