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Issue with hsn code

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Issue with hsn code

Thanks for reaching out to the Community, @saifyagenciesash.


To ensure that I can provide the best resolution for your concern, may I know what specific issue you're getting with HSN code in QuickBooks Online (QBO)?


You can click the Reply button below to add more details.


For tips and other resources, I recommend visiting our website for reference: Self-help articles.


Please know that I'm only a post away if you have any other questions. I want to make sure everything is taken care of for you. Have a good one!

SP Enterprises
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Issue with hsn code

Not able to add the HSN code 481810 for a product Toilet Rolls. We have to enter 6 digit HSN codes for all of our items, and quick books is not allowing to enter the HSN Codes.


Issue with hsn code

Hi there, SP Enterprises.


Can you tell us what happens when you entered a 6-digit HSN code? I tried adding a new product with a  6-digit HSN code and I was able to save it. In the meantime, I'll share some steps to check if too much cache or a browser issue is preventing you from saving or entering the HSN code. 


Start by using an incognito/private browsing session or a different browser. Here are some of keyboard shortcuts to quickly open an incognito session: 


  • Ctrl Shift N  for Google Chrome
  • Ctrl Shift P  for Firefox
  • Control Option +if you're using Safari
  • Ctrl Shift P for Microsoft Edge


Once done, go back to your account and check if you can already enter the 6-digit code. If you're able to do that, follow the steps in this article to delete your browsing history: Clear Cache And Cookies To Fix Issues When Using QuickBooks Online.


Let me also share these articles with your for more reference about adding HSN codes in QBO:


The Community is always here if you need more help with QuickBooks. 

SP Enterprises
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Issue with hsn code

Hi there,

we are getting the invalid HSN code error while entering HSN code 481810, where are it is allowing to enter 4818. Looks like some validation at your end. As 6 digit HSN is mandatory for many of the products. This validation causing issue while adding or updating HSN codes for new or existing products.


Issue with hsn code

Let's resolve the error you're having to adding or updating HSN codes for new or existing products, @SP Enterprises.


If you’ve already tried clearing your browser’s cache and still getting an error, I suggest reaching out to our Customer Support team. They can get into your account in a secure environment and further check why you’re encountering this error message.


You can reach our Customer Support for QuickBooks Online (QBO) by going to the Help icon at the top right of the account. Follow the steps below: 

  1. Go to the Help icon to connect to a live support agent. 
  2. Click on the Contact Us button and provide some details about this concern.
  3. Provide us some information about your concern in the What can we help you with? box and click on Continue.
  4. You'll now be provided options on how to connect to our Customer Support.


See this article for more information: QuickBooks Online Support


You can always get back to me if you have questions or other concerns by leaving a comment below. I'm always here to assist. Have a great rest of the day.

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Issue with hsn code

I am unable to input the HSN code for my product. When I in put the code it says the code is not valid.


However this is an official government code

QuickBooks Team

Issue with hsn code

I have ways on how to get rid of the error for you to seamlessly input the HSN code, @JMD123.


First, let's make sure to enter the correct code. HSN is an internal system of naming goods and is 8 digits long. However, a good can be widely identified by the use of at least 2 digits. Depending on the turnover, a business may be required to quote a 2-digit, 4, or 8 HSN.


After adding the exact code but you still get the same error, we can perform some troubleshooting steps to fix this. Let's start by accessing your account using a private browser. There are times that the browser is full of frequently accessed page resources, thus causing some errors and/or unusual responses. You can use either of these keyboard shortcuts:


  • Google Chrome: Ctrl Shift N
  • Mozilla Firefox: Ctrl Shift P
  • Microsoft Edge: Ctrl Shift P
  • Safari: Command Shift N


If it works, go back to your regular browser to clear the cache to prevent any unexpected behavior. Also, you can use other compatible browsers in QBO.


If the issue persists after taking the above steps, I recommend contacting our support team. This way they can further investigate and provide alternatives to fix this. 


I'm also adding this link to help you import products and services in QuickBooks Online. It includes steps on how to format your spreadsheet in Excel or Google Sheets and import it directly into QuickBooks.


Keep in touch if you have additional concerns with adding HSN codes to your products in QuickBooks Online. I'm always around to help you. Stay safe. 

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Issue with hsn code

Quickbooks is not accepting six or eight digits valid HSN code. As per the govt regulation, 6 digits HSN is mandatory.


HSN code - 851712

HSN code - 85171211


Above codes are valid but quickbooks throw error.


Issue with hsn code

Hi @coo2,


Thank you for posting here in the Community. I can help you get the support you need about the HSN codes in QuickBooks.

Ideally, you should be able to enter 6 and 8 digits HSN codes into your products and services. If you've already followed the browser troubleshooting provided above, I suggest you proceed with contacting our QuickBooks Support Team.


Here's how:


  1. Click the Help tab at the top menu bar.
  2. Select Contact Us.
  3. Enter your concern, then hit Let's talk.
  4. Choose Start a Chat


Our Customer Support Team is available from 9:30 AM - 6 PM IST (Monday - Friday).


For additional reference, I've attached a link you can use to learn how to upload HSN codes in bulk: How to add HSN and SAC codes to your products and services.


Fill me in if you have additional questions regarding setting up products and services in QuickBooks. I'm always here to help. Take care always.