10for500 Promotional bundle (12 months) – Q4 FY22

Offer terms and conditions: 10 QuickBooks Online Plus subscriptions for R49.32 /each per QUICKBOOKS ONLINE ACCOUNTANT CUSTOMERS WHO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE QUICKBOOKS ONLINE PLUS BUNDLE SUBSCRIPTION OFFER BETWEEN 15th November 2021 AND 17th December 2021 Eligibility: This offer is eligible to accounting firms who register or have registered for Intuit QuickBooks Online Accountant (“QBOA Customers”). Eligible QBOA Customers will be entitled to obtain ten bundle of 10 QuickBooks Online Plus (“QBO Plus”) subscriptions, purchased on the same day, at the discounted price of R49.32 ZAR per QBO Plus subscription per month for their clients ("Client(s)") using the "bill my firm" (wholesale) invoicing option. "Bill my firm" (wholesale) invoicing means that the accountant agrees to pay for the client’s subscription fees. If at any time one or more QBO subscriptions is cancelled or terminated under this offer for any reason, the wholesale pricing discount for each subscription cancelled is no longer valid and cannot be reinstated. The offer is only available to accounting firms that are legally based in South Africa and is non-transferable. Pricing: Eligible QBOA Customers will be charged R49.32 ZAR for each 10 QBO Plus bundle (R493.20 total).

All prices are quoted without VAT. Term of Offer: All QBOA and QBO Plus subscriptions must be entered through wholesale billing and activated within 6 months of offer sign up. Discounted pricing is good for six months from the start of the first bill date. After the 12 months, the pricing will change to the then current wholesale billing price for QBO Plus. The R49.32 ZAR offer pricing is valid only for the named individual or company that registered for QuickBooks Online Plus subscription and cannot be transferred to another client, individual or company. Billing: The QBOA Customer's account will automatically be charged on a monthly basis on the billing date indicated by the QBOA Customer for all active QBO Plus subscriptions at the regular accountant "bill my firm" (wholesale) price until the subscription is terminated. Payment is due, in full, immediately upon monthly invoicing. Terms, conditions, pricing, special features, and service and support options subject to change without notice.