Hassan Ud-deen

Hassan Ud-deen

Hassan Ud-deen is a content marketer and landing page copywriter who specializes in SaaS, B2B, enterprise, retail, and fitness. He helps businesses create sparkling content strategy that wins traffic and generates leads. When he can pry himself away from his keyboard, he likes to hit the gym (often role-playing a Dragon Ball Z character to the shock of other gym-goers). You're openly invited to shoot love letters or even hate-mail to his LinkedIn or Twitter (or you could just say hi).


Cash flow problems? Here’s how to bounce back to cash flow positive

With some experts predicting a recession, stocks falling worldwide, and the economy “on standby,” small business owners are grappling with uncertainty. Not many can say they’re cash flow positive and have more money coming in than they have going out. Cash flow problems, which cause 69% of business owners to lose sleep, are threatening businesses […]

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