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Advocating for Advisors Whitepaper

Celebrating Australia’s hidden heroes

In this whitepaper, you will learn some fast facts to share with clients or prospects on the value of seeking professional advice, as well as tips from peers and tools to help make tax time less taxing.

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Did you know that advisors have helped small businesses derive over $45.3 billion dollars in value over the last 12 months?*

Whether it has been as a JobKeeper application master, business coach or therapist, we know that accountants & bookkeepers have had to take on many roles to keep Aussie small businesses afloat.

We hope you enjoy this celebration of you.

The accountants & bookkeepers who continue to fight on the financial frontlines to keep Australia moving.

* Advocating for Advisors research data tables. Tab ‘Table 3 and 4’ - the $45.3bn figure is generated from weighted population count of small business leaders (1,868,243.913) x the average amount saved and made thanks to an advisor ($24,231), and then rounded to $45.3bn