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How to create a dental invoice (with free template)

As a dental professional, you understand the importance of providing good care. But did you know that creating professional invoices is also important?

With a dental invoice template, you’ll have a time-efficient way of invoicing your patients. 

What is a dentist invoice? 

Every time you provide a dental service for a patient, you need a way for your patient to pay you. Typically, this is where you would send a dental invoice to your patient. 

An invoice is a financial document that a professional would send to their patient or client. It should include the cost of the dental services provided over a specific period of time. 

Why should you use a dental invoice template? 

According to the Fair Work Commission, approximately 85% of all Australian dentists work in the private sector. Of these dentists, many are self-employed and handle their own invoices.

Using a dental invoice template speeds up the invoicing process. From time efficiency to transparency, there are several advantages to using an invoice template. Here’s why you should use an invoice template: 

  • Time Efficiency: Using a customisable template streamlines the invoicing process. You can save yourself time by altering details that won’t affect the invoice’s structure. As a result, you can dedicate more time to managing your business and creating positive relationships with your patients. 
  • Consistency: By using an invoice template, you can easily create and reuse your invoice. So your patients will have a universal, consistent experience with you. Not only does this help maintain your brand’s identity, but the added professionalism will increase trust. 
  • Simplicity: Record-keeping is an essential facet of running a business. Without it, business owners wouldn’t be able to manage their finances. Ready-made invoice templates simplify the process of locating documents. They also reduce the risk of human error. 

How to create a dentist invoice step-by-step

Below, we’ve provided a step-by-step guide to help you create consistent invoices. 

1. Personalise your invoice

To promote your brand’s identity, you must start your invoices by adding the following: 

  • Your contact and business information. 
  • Your website. 
  • Your logo and other brand-specific elements. 

2. Add your patient’s information

Then, you must include your patient’s contact details such as: 

  • Your patient’s name. 
  • Your patient’s phone number.
  • Your patient’s email address. 
  • Your patient’s home address. 

3. Add the date and invoice number

It’s important that you include an issue date to prove that you’ve sent it. You must also include the payment due date to avoid any confusion for the patient.

Additionally, you should also add a unique invoice number. The number should follow an understandable convention. For instance, you could number your invoices sequentially (INV0001, INV0002, etc.). By doing so, you’ll make your invoices easy to locate. 

When you use software like QuickBooks, invoices are created automatically to save time. 

4. Describe the dental services provided 

To avoid miscommunication you should include a summary of dental services provided. 

You should include details of the procedures performed, and the quantity of the services provided.

5. Including the costs 

For every dental service you provide, you should show the price, including labour and material costs. 

Include this as a breakdown of the patient’s fees. Make sure to include applicable taxes and discounts that you’ve applied. 

From here, you should then add a grand total at the end.

6. Add payment methods and details 

Toward the bottom of your invoice, you should clarify how the payment is structured. You need to include details about possible payment plans and payment milestones. You could also include the details of your business bank account. 

Additionally, you could add your terms of payment in this section. For example, a policy for late payments so that your patient knows when to pay their bill.

7. Extra information

For the last section of your invoice, you should include additional information. This could be warranties or guarantees provided for the services you’ve performed. 

You could also include any terms and conditions that the patient should know about. 

Finally, you can choose to add a note of gratitude towards your patients for their patronage. Although this isn’t necessary to include in an invoice, it helps build relationships with your patients. 

Free customisable dentist invoice template 

Do you need some inspiration? Look no further - download our free dental invoice sample, which you can tailor to suit your professional needs and goals.

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