Set up products and services | Get started tutorial

How to set up products and services

It’s easy to keep track of sales (by product or service) and send invoices when you set up a Products & Services list.
How to set up products and services

Benefits include

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Efficiently record sales

by product or service

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In QuickBooks Online Plus,

keep track of inventory

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Populate product and service

information on sales receipts, invoices and estimates

Step-by-step guide

Step 1

  • Select Sales from the left hand navigation menu.
  • Select the Products and Services tab and choose the Add a Product or Service option.
A white screen with a green arrow on it.

Step 2

  • Select the type of product or service you want to set up.
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Step 3

Complete the below

  • Product/Service name, SKU and category.
  • Sale price/rate or leave blank if it differs from sale-to-sale.
  • Income account is the category you want to track against when you enter a sales transaction.
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Step 4

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