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The Ultimate Guide to Client Onboarding

The onboarding process is a client’s first chance to get to know your business properly. First impressions matter, so the onboarding process is critical.

Being onboarded with a standardised process from start to finish helps to build your client’s confidence in your business, saves you both time, and keeps things moving. 

Implementing a client onboarding process can benefit your accounting by allowing you to get to know each client individually in a more effective manner, work to your client’s needs, and ensure they will stick around for the long term.

In this eBook we’ll look at the steps involved in developing a standardised onboarding process and walk you through a typical client onboarding checklist that can help you devise a successful onboarding process from start to finish, covering:

  • The benefits of a standardised onboarding process
  • Developing a winning onboarding process 
  • Uncovering your new client’s true needs 
  • Setting up new clients and migrating client data
  • Training your clients for long-term success

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