PayPal Payments and QuickBooks Terms and Conditions

Accept payments from your QuickBooks Online invoices and PayPal will reimburse your PayPal transaction fees - up to $100 - for AU payments received by 31 August. Limited offer open to new connections only.

This is an exclusive offer and cannot be shared or transferred.

Eligible Participant: Open only to participants who (1) are Australian PayPal account holders with their Australian PayPal account in good standing (“Valid Account”); and (2) are Intuit QuickBooks customers based in Australia.  Eligible Participant must comply with these terms and conditions, and complete the Qualifying Action outlined in the “How it works” section below in order to claim the Reimbursement.


Offer Period: Starts on 1 July 2021 at 12.01am AEST and ends on 31 August 2021 at 11:59pm AEST OR when a total of AUD$20,000 has been redeemed by Eligible Participants in accordance with these terms and conditions, whichever is earlier (“Offer Period”).


How it works: To qualify for the Reimbursement, Eligible Participants must complete the following during the Offer Period: log into their QuickBooks account and sign up or upgrade to the new “Accept Card Payments with PayPal” app by following the instructions available here. (“Qualifying Action”). After completion and verification of the Qualifying Action by PayPal, PayPal will reimburse your PayPal transaction fees, up to a total of AUD$100.00, on QuickBooks invoices paid by your Australian based customers via credit card, debit card or PayPal wallet, that have been issued through QuickBooks Online before 11.59pm AEST 31 August 2021 (“Reimbursement”). PayPal will then pay the Reimbursement into Eligible Participant’s PayPal account on or around 17 September 2021. If a Qualifying Action does not complete or is not recorded by PayPal’s system during the Offer Period, for any reason, that Qualifying Action will not qualify for the Reimbursement. Transactions that have been refunded, reversed or charged back, or are cross-border transactions, will not be eligible for Reimbursement. There is a limit of one (1) offer per PayPal user.


Miscellaneous: Redemptions of the offer are final, will not be returned, and are subject to review and verification. The Reimbursement cannot be shared or transferred. Participation is subject to the PayPal User Agreement. Valid Account must remain in good standing from the time of participation through to Reimbursement fulfilment. PayPal may provide an alternate reward of equal value if it is unable for any reason to fulfill the Reimbursement. PayPal and Intuit QuickBooks reserve their rights to cancel, suspend or modify this offer in part or in its entirety at any time without notice, for any reason in their sole discretion. Similar offers may run at the same time; qualification for this offer does not constitute qualification for any other offer. PayPal is not responsible and/or liable for any lost, stolen, late, incomplete, illegible, interrupted, delayed, or misdirected e-mail, reward, or offer-related materials or correspondence or if any participant’s e-mail address, Valid Account, or other contact information does not work, is deleted, or is changed without participant giving prior written notice to PayPal. Offer is void where prohibited by law, or if Qualifying Actions are not completed through legitimate channels, or if any offer-related materials are fraudulent, defective, tampered with or irregular in any way. Any questions relating to the offer will be resolved in PayPal’s sole discretion and its decisions related to the offer will be final and binding.

All PayPal account transaction fees are as per PayPal Australia’s CFSGPDS.

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