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Introducing Chun How

This leading Malaysian small business accountant supports clients across the region.
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Adopting cloud accounting means High Pines Training & Consulting director Chun How Cheah is able to service clients right across Asia. Plus, being able to access his clients’ data from anywhere with an internet connection saves him time and supports a great work life balance.

Chun How set up his business in January 2014 when Malaysia introduced a goods and services tax (GST). The now fully cloud-based business works with clients across Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Back when GST was introduced in Malaysia, many small businesses were unclear about how to comply with the new rules. Chun How took this opportunity to establish himself as a leader in small business accounting advice. He was introduced to QuickBooks Online at the same time.

I had previously used accounting software accessed through on-premise servers. It was a very frustrating journey, especially for bank reconciliation. The system had limited functionality and so the work was highly manual. It also wasn’t possible to automate tasks

Using on-premise accounting software that wasn’t able to be accessed online also meant Chun How had to travel to see clients. He regularly spent hours in traffic, which was extremely time consuming and unproductive. It also meant he had to take up valuable space in his clients’ offices when he visited to prepare their accounts, which he knew was an inconvenience for them.

“Then I discovered all the automation benefits of online accounting. I became a QuickBooks Online trainer and I have been able to introduce the software to accountants and their small businesses right across Malaysia,” he says.

Improving clients’ lives

Chun How had to work through some pushback from clients at the start of the journey transitioning them to cloud accounting.

“They had become used to working with on-premise accounting software. But I knew cloud accounting was the future,” he says.

The decision to switch to the cloud proved to be a sound one when the pandemic prompted a worldwide switch to digital modes of operating. Cloud accounting allowed High Pines Training & Consulting to keep running during COVID when lockdowns meant everyone had to stay at home.

“We were still able to manage our work without any disruption. In fact, we were even busier than before,” says Chun How.

Adopting cloud accounting has also meant the business has won high-value competitive tenders for work against up to ten other applicants.

“We are able to win work ahead of other firms because we can demonstrate we can meet all our prospective new clients’ requirements. We can also show a deep understanding of QuickBooks and everything it can offer businesses,” he adds.

Chun How has also been able to win business across the region through word-of-mouth, after having completed outstanding work using QuickBooks for other clients, who routinely recommend him to their network.

Leveraging the benefits of cloud accounting

With a busy practice and a suite of equally busy clients, being able to take advantage of all the different QuickBooks’ features delivers Chun How many benefits.

“We can work anywhere because we can access client data through the QuickBooks app or from a web browser. So, whenever I travel to Singapore, Vietnam or other countries, I'm still able to do my job.”

When he’s on the road, he can also quickly respond to client requests. “Let’s say a client needs a quote while I’m out of the office. All I need to do is open the QuickBooks app, fill in the quote details and send it back to the client. I don’t even need to open my laptop. It also means I can employ staff from all over the world. All the time I save with QuickBooks means I have more time to spend with my family.”

QuickBooks has all the tools and technology accountants need to do their best work. New features are added to the platform all the time, something Chun How relishes.

“Hopefully in future there will be more enhancements. All these features make my work so much more efficient.” 

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