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Introducing Remote Hub

This Regional BPO leader uses cloud accounting to move its clients’ focus from simple tax and compliance to real-time financial management.
Remote Hub

QuickBooks Online gives Remote Hub’s clients all the tools they need to better manage and generate information for their businesses, which helps them make better decisions. It also gives firms real structure, when they may not have previously operated this way.

Remote Hub is a Panama-based, boutique business process outsourcing (BPO) specialist that helps small and mid-sized companies understand and delegate their processes and business needs. It supports and improves its clients’ administrative and operating systems, with an emphasis on accounting.

Three pillars are at the core of its approach: transparency, communication and accountability. Head of Business Development Tomás Merizalde explains QuickBooks Online assists Remote Hub to stay true to these values.

Remote Hub

QuickBooks helps us to be an open book for clients. They can access their information at any time, from anywhere, through any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone

Immediate improvements with QuickBooks Online 

For Remote Hub’s clients, working with QuickBooks offers vast improvements compared to more traditional approaches to accounting.

Before adopting QuickBooks, many Remote Hub clients worked with third-party accountants, who operated through desktop software, to which clients didn't have access. So by the time clients saw their profit and loss statement, it was three months’ old. By contrast, QuickBooks Online gives clients robust information in real time to understand their business faster.

QuickBooks Online also allows clients to shift their focus from simply paying tax and complying with regulations to implementing proper processes, procedures and bookkeeping. The cloud accounting platform seamlessly integrates these three components.

Tomás says moving their accounts to QuickBooks Online delivers his clients a range of benefits. For instance, a huge plus is accounting support for specific projects and the ability to monitor clients’ budgets on an ongoing basis.

Many clients are not used to working with these tools when they start working with us. But in a very short period, they begin to value these features.

Saving time and money with QuickBooks

Honing in on some of QuickBooks Online’s other outstanding features, Tomás says the platform’s ability to integrate with bank feeds saves money and makes life simple for clients. it also introduces a degree of sophistication into their accounting processes.

“It’s common for clients to take a very basic approach to cash flow and monitoring budgets before they start working with us. They often take the view that if they have money in the bank, they’re good for the next month,” says Tomás.

“But that’s not accurate. Giving them access to real-time data that combines accounts payable and accounts receivable information gives them genuine insights into their cash flow. It’s also very simple to create a chart of accounts for each client,” he says.

QuickBooks Online also makes it straightforward for clients to create recurring invoices. This is a particularly useful tool for one of Remote Hub’s clients, a local school. Each month it sends out invoices for its fees and invoices can be tailored for individual students to include items such as activities and books.

Tomás says the large number of apps that connect with QuickBooks Online makes it a hugely valuable platform. It also seamlessly integrates with government agencies.

QuickBooks simplifies business processes

An ice cream and popsicle company is a great example of the way Remote Hub has transformed its clients’ operations with cloud accounting.

Before Remote Hub and QuickBooks, each salesperson had their own trolley, which they loaded with inventory each morning. Then, they would go out for the day and sell. In the evening, the business would crosscheck the inventory sold versus inventory provided in the morning.

“It was time consuming and overly complex. The process was also manual and paper based, with the information copied into Excel and cross checked,” says Tomás.

Thanks to QuickBooks, the company was able to introduce a totally new business model in which ice cream sellers are treated as clients. In the morning, the business provides a quote for the product loaded into each salesperson’s trolley. In the evening, the quote is converted into an invoice and products sold during the day and inventories are immediately updated.

“The solution has saved a lot of time and gives the business better control of its sales and inventories,” he explains.

Supporting Remote Hub to achieve its potential 

From an internal management perspective, QuickBooks Online Accountant streamlines the way Remote Hub manages its clients and supports its team members.

“It gives us total control of our practice. It’s also really easy to use. Clients can quicky find a report on the platform and they usually don’t need us to show them how to do this. We don’t have to stop what we’re doing to help them, which also saves us time,” Tomás adds.

“We receive a lot of support from QuickBooks and the platform is constantly updated. We’re really happy with QuickBooks and I know our clients are, too,”

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