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Introducing Tricia Thong
  • Chartered Certified Accountant
  • Finance Professional

This Trinbagonian is bringing structure to the accounts of the island nation’s small businesses.
Introducing Tricia Thong

QuickBooks Online is fast becoming the cloud accounting platform of choice for sole traders and small businesses operating across the Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago.

Trinidad-based Tricia Thong, founder of accounting firm TM Thong and Company, is helping them make the switch from largely paper-based systems to QuickBooks.

Tricia founded her business in 2015 and started working with QuickBooks in 2020. Most of her clients are small businesses, including sole traders and small- to medium-sized businesses, as well as some non-profit organisations.

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“MY focus is small businesses that are trying to get their books in order to move forward. Many of them are moving away from manual systems and have never used cloud accounting software before. My role is to introduce them to automation and show them the benefits of using an accounting system,” she explains.

QuickBooks has also helped Tricia run her own business, especially during COVID when there were restrictions around people’s movements. “I could log into QuickBooks anywhere and view my clients’ accounts,” she explains.

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The tools I use

Get a better grasp of profits with QuickBooks

Tricia and her clients value QuickBooks’ great features. For instance, one of her construction industry clients is constantly juggling a number of different projects. QuickBooks’ project accounting module helps him manage his different jobs and ensure they are profitable.

Other clients are just starting to work with cloud accounting and are exploring how it can help them run their businesses more efficiently.

“Before moving to QuickBooks, some business I work with were used to simply keeping their receipts and documents in a box. This didn’t allow them to understand how much they were spending on items such as stationery and salaries,” says Tricia.

Now, I am able to coach them to capture their expenses and payments in more structured ways, which means when it comes time to do bank reconciliations, I have all the information I need in one place.

Cloud accounting supports compliance requirements 

QuickBooks also helps Tricia’s clients get their books in order so they are able to meet their taxation obligations.

“From time to time, our government implements tax amnesties, so everybody can file their tax returns without having to pay interest or penalties. QuickBooks has been an invaluable platform through these periods in helping my clients get their tax affairs in order,” she says.

She says the ability to invoice clients directly from QuickBooks helps them simplify their business processes. Plus, the functionality in the platform that pre-populates information reduces errors when it comes to data entry.

“I also find the reporting functionality for profit and loss statements, balance sheets, project reports, accounts receivable and accounts payable very useful. It’s great to have everything in one place. Because the information is current, it’s much more useful to my clients when they need to make business decisions, versus manual, paper-based systems.”

The ability to easily make adjustments in QuickBooks is another huge benefit for Tricia and her clients.

“There used to be a lot of errors when clients’ accounts were paper-based. But that’s a thing of the past with QuickBooks. I love the flexibility of being able to easily adjust their accounts. It’s also really affordable, and so it’s easy for me to incorporate QuickBooks into my fees. It’s really been life changing for my clients and for my business,” she says.

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