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Introducing Nadine Augustine
  • Car fanatic
  • TikTok creator
  • Accountant & Partner

The tattooed South African known as the “rebel of accounting” is on a mission to change the perception of accountants globally.
A person sitting on a chair in front of a car.

“Accounting isn't boring anymore,” says Nadine, who burst onto the scene in 2012. After university, she joined a forward-thinking firm with a vision for the future—cloud accounting—at a time when it was barely talked about locally. The move paid off, and it wasn’t long before she was asked to become a Partner. 

But Nadine and Ecomm Accountants didn’t find their niche straight away. They surveyed the software available, thinking about how it would best suit their clients. After settling on QuickBooks, they decided to focus on on the eCommerce, hospitality, retail, and professional services spaces.

We don’t give you accounting software, we give a solution that can really help you with your business.

For Nadine, her job isn’t just about compliance or crunching numbers. It’s about being a trusted business advisor and helping clients grow their businesses.

Where you are is not where you want to stay. You want to keep expanding and getting to the next level.

She credits QuickBooks’ AI and automation features with unlocking new markets for the firm, and they also use it to run their own business.

Nadine's favourite QuickBooks tools

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Projects & Cash flow

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She argues that most accounting tools are too accountant-centred, and that’s where they’re going wrong.

I’ve never had anyone tell me that they don’t like QuickBooks or would rather go back to doing things the old way.

For Nadine, the future of accounting will be about AI, and how accountants can adapt to that change. She notes that much of everyday accounting will be handled by software, so the accountant will need to show their value elsewhere. It will be more about offering impactful business advice and partnership. As a result, billing by the hour will become a thing of the past.

She offers three nuggets of wisdom for accountants concerned about the future of the profession:

  • Keep learning. The industry changes so rapidly, and accountants must keep up with technology and shifts in the business environment.
  • Learn how to market yourself. Accountants often struggle to talk about themselves, but it’s a necessary part of the job. She recommends taking a marketing and sales course for anyone who’s interested.
  • Appreciate different generations. There are over 30 decades of difference in age between her and her business partner, but the relationship is a “beautifully oiled machine” because it’s founded on respect.

Don’t think that your junior accountant knows nothing. Ask for their input because they probably have some really good ideas.

QuickBooks has launched Nadine and Ecomm accountants into the cloud and beyond. And like all good things, the best is yet to come.

Nadine Augustine


Ecomm Accountants

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