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Accounting websites, blogs and podcasts every professional accountant should follow

Being able to crunch the numbers, and quickly determine a business’s financial health, is what makes a good accountant. To be great, and take your career to the next level, you’ll need to keep abreast of changing laws, as well as accounting industry news and trends.

With professional bodies and industry players rushing in to explain complex policy changes and dissect new technology on their websites and blogs, staying up to date has never been easier. But, with so many voices, searching for the most well informed accounting websites and blogs can be time consuming. So we’ve done the legwork for you.

Here are our top accounting websites, blogs and podcasts for accounting professionals.

1. The government taxation website of your country

Subscribe to your country's government taxation site to stay up to date with changes. There are often ‘small business newsrooms’ which showcase all the latest tax changes, rates, compliance…etc. Content is often easily digestible and short, with helpful news articles and videos on topics useful to small business owners and accountants – without the technical jargon.

Use the links below to navigate to your country’s government taxation website:

2. QuickBooks Resource Centre

An advisory service for accountants and small business owners, Intuit’s QuickBooks Resource Centre is the go-to for tax and accounting developments affecting accountants and small businesses. You’ll find free guides, accounting and business tools and templates, and advice for startup and budding businesses. QuickBooks Resource Centre provides advice on topics including:

QuickBooks provides helpful resources to equip accounting professionals with strategic insights, like the future of accounting, leveraging automation in accounting with accounting software, and marketing strategies including how to use social media to find new tax clients. Our accounting blog has everything you need to grow your accounting knowledge and practice.

3. Karbon Magazine

A nifty online magazine from the makers of accounting workflow management software Karbon, this educational site brings together strategic insights for accounting professionals. The one to follow for big-picture counsel, expect to find tips and tricks for adopting new technology, automating processes, and maximising efficiency.

Sign up to QuickBooks Online Accountant for free and see why over 600,000 accountants love QuickBooks

4. Panalatix Resource Portal

Sign up to the Panalatix resource portal – the accounting and business improvement consultancy’s blog – for tips, strategies, and the latest news and updates in the accounting profession. You’ll get access to articles, webinars, videos, and case studies, discussing business improvement, client advisory services, value pricing, marketing, sales, efficiency, and more.

Regulatory changes and innovative trends and technology are inevitable in the accounting profession. Keeping up to date with industry news and changes will help you to better serve your clients, identify opportunities for growth, and remain competitive.

5. LinkedIn

Use LinkedIn to connect with accounting professionals and build a network of industry professionals. Read our QuickBooks article on the top 10 LinkedIn profile tips for accountants and how to create an amazing accountant LinkedIn summary to attract potential clients and employers and nail your LinkedIn strategy.

6. Accounting thought leadership blogs

Accounting professionals’ thought leadership blogs are great websites to gain valuable insights into the accounting industry. Many accounting thought leaders produce blogs with resources such as ebooks and offer newsletters to keep peers up to date with industry trends and changes. Here are some of our favourite accounting thought leadership blogs.

High Pines Blog

High Pines is run by Chun How Cheah and provides insight into digital transformation and compliance. Read High Pines article on driving practice growth with QuickBooks Online.

Rae & Associates

Rae & Associates’ Lauren Duplooy writes helpful content for accountants and small businesses to navigate the complexities of accounting. Read Rea & Associates blog on how to set up your SME for success with QuickBooks.

7. YouTube thought leadership forums

YouTube is a great place to find accounting experts discussing industry trend updates for accountants. Find QuickBooks panel discussions and forums with the accounting profession’s thought leaders from all over the world on the QuickBooks YouTube channel.

QuickBooks invited accounting thought leaders Tamryn Dicks, Nadine Augustine, Amanda Newton, Lauren DuPlooy, and Franscious Myburgh to provide an accounting industry update. 

8. Accounting podcasts

Accounting podcasts are a great way to listen to accounting industry updates on the go. Whether you’re driving, or on your daily commute to work, listening to an accounting podcast is a fantastic way of upskilling yourself if you’re busy and stretched for time. Intuit Accountants have a podcast called AccounTrends with episodes on trending accounting topics and information to keep you up to date with the evolving nature of the industry.

Our favourite episodes under 30 minutes to listen to on the go include:

  • Part 1. Technology, Trends, and Tools to Utilise
  • Part 2. Technology, Trends, and Tools to Utilise

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