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How to download your personal bank account statement from HSBC bank

If your bank does not support automatic bank connection, you can still import your transactions into QuickBooks using a CSV file.

See how simple it’s to export your bank statement from HSBC Personal:

  1. Go to the option My Online Banking from the main menu
  2. Select Consulting option
  3. Select the product
  4. Enter your access token displayed on the HSCB mobile app, and confirm
  5. Choose from Type of account section, the Account electronic statement option
  6. Choose the date range for which you’d like to download a statement
  7. Click Download button from the bank statement
  8. Choose the XML file option to download
  9. Select Download
  10. Open your file in Excel
  11. Go to the file tab, and choose the Save as option
  12. Save as CSV file
Note: If you experience difficulties downloading your bank statement, please contact your bank support.

After downloading the bank statement, simply import it into QuickBooks.

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