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Support is as always not available, they just want to milk me as customer as long as possible before I file a chargeback. I'm not using QB for 3-4 months already, trying to cancel my subscription but it keeps giving me bugs and issues any time I attempt to cancel. Very unethical business practice.
Best answer February 21, 2021

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Level 2

Not sure what had caused the change in behavior of the platform, but right now I was able to cancel my subscription. 

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QuickBooks Team

We'd like to take care of this as soon as possible, n-madebeykin. 


We previously had an investigation about the cancellation error, and it has been resolved. I'd like to share some troubleshooting steps to help you cancel the subscription.


  1. Open a private browser or incognito, and log in to your QuickBooks Online account. This browser mode doesn't store cache.
  2. Go to the Gear > Account and settings > Billing & Subscription. If you're able to cancel your QuickBooks Online subscription, then you'll want to clear the cache on your regular browser..
  3. You can also use other supported browsers as an alternate solution.


If you're still getting the same error, It'd be best to contact our Customer Care Team. They can review your account and help you with the cancellation. 


Here's how:


  1. In your QuickBooks Online account, go to the Help > QB Assistant.
  2. Type Talk to a human and select either Ask me a question or Contact Support Team.


You're always welcome to post a reply here if there's anything else you need. Me and my colleagues are here to help. Take care!

Level 2

QuickBooks 2021-02-21 16-12-42.png


Please explain to me how do you consider this fixed? Its not cancelling anything.


I already been reaching out your "Customer Care Team" before, they promised it would be cancelled automatically but instead Quickbooks just charged me for another month of subscription. That I call theft.


If it doesnt get fixed and I get a refund for the wrongful charges, I'm filing a complaint to Visa


Hello user35092, I wouldn't like you to be in that situation.


If you have tried following the steps shared by my colleague above and still the error persists, I'd suggest contacting our support team.


I can see that you've been in touch with them. But, in this case, we'll need to check your account. To keep your details secured, it would be best to give us a short call. We'll need to ask for some of your information and verify them to accomplish the task. Our support team helps us check the charge you're getting. Once our specialist validates the charge, you can request a refund. They will help you process and get through with it.


Also, they have the tools available to review the error you're getting and investigate what's causing this odd behavior. Please follow the same steps provided above to contact them. Check this link for additional reference: Update the payment method or info for your QuickBooks Online subscription.


I've got your back if you have additional questions. Please post them here any time. 

Level 2

Not sure what had caused the change in behavior of the platform, but right now I was able to cancel my subscription. 

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I am being stolen from as well. QuickBooks never return phone calls & makes it so difficult to cancel. I’m considering a lawsuit to shed light on QuickBooks tactics.

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I have canceled my subscription for the past 3 months in a row. When I log in, there is no subscription, but I still keep getting charged.  You can never get in touch with a live person.  Absolutely the worst company to deal with.  I have used their other product TurboTax for 20+ years. I will no longer use anything from this company. Any company that just takes your money and will not let you talk to a live person is unworthy of my business. 

QuickBooks Team

Hi Marcellon,


I would say the same thing if I were in your position, getting charged even after canceling a subscription. Let me help you get in touch with our QuickBooks Support Team to check the status of your subscription and your charges. They have the tools to do that. However, please know that they are only available on weekdays.

  1. Click on Help and choose Contact Us at the bottom.
  2. In the text box, enter something like Charge inquiry and click Let's talk.
  3. Choose Start a chat.

If you have other concerns with your subscription, feel free to go back to this thread.