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How to Increase Employee Productivity

Staff Writer May 31, 2018

For business owners, productivity is a big deal, and it’s easy to understand why. Even a small increase in productivity can mean huge margins across your company. The government has spent several years looking for ways to help Malaysian business owners boost worker productivity and finding a few areas for improvement can give your company a huge edge over its competitors. No matter how well you’re currently running things, most businesses could use a few improvements in one or two key areas.

Workplace Changes That Help Increase Productivity

Sometimes, small business owners make structural changes to increase productivity. Think about making some of these changes to improve the way your employees work.

  • Incentive programs: Connecting pay and other benefits to performance is a powerful incentive. Consider a profit-sharing program or bonus structure that ensures workers get paid more when the company exceeds expectations.
  • Extra breaks: Nobody works well when they’re tired. Adding even one extra break in the afternoon can help your workers come back fresh and ready to work.
  • Variety of tasks: Work gets boring and eventually saps employees’ ability to keep going. If it’s at all possible, try giving workers varied tasks, like giving each employee a chance to run errands for your business.

Provide Constructive, Actionable Feedback to Employees

You can’t expect your employees to alter the way they work if you aren’t telling them what needs to change. So consider doing weekly or monthly performance reviews for each of your team members. But try to focus on the positive first to create a comfortable, trusting atmosphere. Then, discuss potential problem areas and give suggestions for correcting the problems. For example, if you have a customer service employee that spends too much time on each call, you might say something like, “I really like the way you’re able to connect with our customers, but we need to try to lower your call time so that you meet the company’s productivity levels. Let’s listen to a few of your calls to see where we can make some improvements that won’t affect the excellent way you communicate.”

It’s also important to praise your employees whenever possible. Positive recognition makes employees feel like their work is valued. It reinforces the fact that they’re doing a good job, which makes them feel confident. The happier and more confident your employees are, the higher your productivity levels will be. Consider holding a weekly recognition meeting or simply sending an employee a short thank-you email for a job well done.

Use an App to Boost Productivity

When it comes to increasing productivity, you’re not limited to structural changes. By integrating a few apps into your workflow, you can clear logjams and win a huge boost to your productivity. Some good productivity apps include:

  • Trello — This online productivity app lets you create virtual cards to keep track of the tasks you need to complete. It’s ideal for people who prefer visual tracking tools, and it lets you collaborate with others too.
  • Evernote — Use Evernote to bookmark important websites or take notes during meetings. The software lets you save information into separate notebooks, making it easy to organize digital files.
  • Slack — If you need a collaboration tool, Slack is a good option. Each Slack channel lets you communicate with other team members, and you can create forum-like sections to discuss various project topics.

Regardless of your industry, you have a strong incentive to increase productivity in your workplace. By reconsidering your physical environment, brainstorming innovative reward strategies, and upgrading your technology with helpful new apps, you can get the productive boost you’ve been looking for.