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5 Websites to Help You Take Your Business to the Next Level

Elvin Zhang August 12, 2015

The best entrepreneurs and small business owners are constantly learning and improving how they run their business. In today’s world, there are so many resources and websites where you can learn how to best grow your business and take it to the next level. Here are some of our favourites.

Small Business Trends

This award-winning publication features frequent original posts along with guest posts from small business owners sharing literally about anything related to small business under the sun. Founded in 2003, it is by far one of the most populated general small business site there is online currently. It provides great insight to recent trends in business, as well as great guides and tips for any small business.

Tech in Asia

The go-to site for all things related to tech (and more out of the technical realm these days) in Asia. Its unique Asian perspective offers insights particularly down to the country level and features many fast growing countries such as Indonesia and Vietnam. The editorial quality is pretty high and even western business owners tend to frequently contribute and follow its news coverage. It is by far the most authoritative online site for startups in Asia.

Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur Magazine has business ideas along with trends and news for small businesses. One thing we love about this is their “tools” section, which has guides to getting started in specific industries such as Food and Beverage Franchises – a really useful resource for all new entrepreneurs and veterans alike.


Having a great web presence and web traffic is crucial for any business in today’s world. Quicksprout provides extremely practical tips and guides for small business owners on how to build that web presence and get traffic to your site. Whether you are just getting started or a pro in online marketing, you’ll be able to learn a lot on traffic generation from this blog.


Inc. has been around for a while. It originated as a great magazine for small business owners, and offers articles on almost any topic a small business owner might need to know.