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What a Mobile App can do for your Small Business

Derrick Kwa April 15, 2015

Apps are becoming an integral part of our culture today. They’re no longer for just games or entertainment, but are now a large part of our everyday life. As a business, you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity. After all, over half of Malaysia’s population use smart phones. You don’t want to miss out on that audience, and having a mobile app is a great way of reaching these people. Here are 3 benefits a mobile app can bring to your small business.

1) Brand recognition

Your mobile app is a blank slate. You can brand it however you want, and let it reflect your brand values and personality. Not only this, a mobile app allows you to get your brand in front of your customers more often. Once the customer downloads your app, he or she is going to see your logo multiple times per day – whether or not he opens your app. This means better brand recognition, and helps keep your business at the top of their minds.

2) More customer engagement

With a mobile app, you’ll be able to engage with your customers better. You can use your app to provide information that’s of value to them. Even better, a mobile app allows you to customize this information specifically to your customer – based on their profile information as well as using phone sensors such as location. You can engage with your customers in ways that are specific to them, and more likely to increase conversions. For example, you could show them a discount coupon when they are around the vicinity of your store.

A mobile app also allows you to have faster and quicker customer service. You can use your app to make it simpler and more efficient for your customers to get in touch with you, as well as offer them tools and information to make their life easier while using your products.

Better engagement and better customer service will ultimately lead to an increase in customer loyalty. To further boost that, you can also integrate loyalty programs and benefits into your app.

3) Better customer insight

A huge advantage of creating a mobile app for your business is the large volume of data you’ll be able to collect from your customers. You can keep track of who is downloading your app, what they use it for and when. By capturing your consumer data, you’ll be able to better understand your customer’s needs. This will help you improve your customer satisfaction and identify new potential opportunities.

As mobile usage continues to grow, apps are going to become more and more important. In time, other small businesses (your competitors) are going to realize the benefits of mobile apps and build their own. For now, though, the opportunity is there for you to stay ahead of your competition and set yourself apart by building your own mobile app for your small business. Don’t miss out on that opportunity.