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Prepare BAS | Get started tutorial

Prepare your BAS with Books Review

Learn how to prepare and lodge your Business Activity Statement (BAS) using Books Review, a ProAdvisor only feature in QuickBooks Online.

a woman in office reviewing paperwork

Step-by-step guide

Step 1

  • Open a client's QuickBooks Online subscription.
  • Select Books Review from the navigation menu or select Accountant Tools and then Books Review.
  • Select Edit next to the date to choose the review period you’re after. You can choose by month or by quarter.
Books Review review period

Step 2: Review Transactions

  • The Transaction review tab shows transactions with missing or incorrect information. QuickBooks flags uncategorised transactions, transactions without payees, and unapplied payments.
  • If data is missing, you'll see a blank line in the column. Select a transaction to open it and make corrections.
Transaction Review in Books Review

Step 3: Client Requests

  • A unique feature in Books Review is that you can ask clients directly for missing information. Select one or more transactions. In the Actions pop-up, select Ask client.
  • The Create a request form automatically fills out a name and description along with the request for missing details. You can edit these fields, such as the due date when you’d like a client response, or add related documents.
  • Your client will receive an email asking them to log into the My Accountant function in QuickBooks to respond to your queries.
Client Requests in Books Review

Step 4: View the status of every job

  • Update the status of every job - when you click on the timer icon   you can easily change the status to Done.
job status in Books Review

Step 5: Account Reconciliation

  • The Account reconciliation tab lists accounts you need to reconcile.
  • Select an account to start reconciling it. 
  • Outstanding transactions appear in the Unreconciled column.
Account Reconciliation in Books Review

Step 6: Final Review

  • The Final review tab lists key financial reports to help you check account balance issues. 
  • Select Review to open a report. 
  • QuickBooks automatically filters reports for the month you select.
Final Review in Books Review

Step 7: Wrap up your clients' book review

  • Prepare and send a report package to your client and close their books. 
  • Proceed to the GST Centre by selecting GST from the navigation menu for one final review prior to lodging your BAS.
Wrap Up in Books Review

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