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Getting started checklist for QuickBooks Tax powered by LodgeiT

Get started with QuickBooks Tax - boost your team’s productivity and power through tax and BAS preparation and lodgements. Check out more tips & guides in our EOFY Hub, to help turn EOFY workload into workflow.

A person sitting at a desk with a laptop.

Step 1: Register an account with LodgeiT

To set up LodgeiT you’ll need your Tax agent number or BAS agent number to complete the setup process and lodge a return.

Set up a LodgeiT account

Step 2: Activate your token

To take advantage of your free LodgeiT access, you will need to claim and input your unique token.

Watch how to claim a token.

Access your LodgeiT token via the ProAdvisor program

Step 3: Linking LodgeiT with the ATO

Before you can perform any lodgments, you will need to nominate LodgeiT as a hosted SBR software service. Please note this doesn’t impact any existing connections you may already have with the ATO.

Add your software ID in LodgeiT

Step 4 - Adding Clients into LodgeiT

You can add clients to LodgeiT one by one or import them via a bulk upload.

Watch how to individually & bulk import clients.

Migrate or add clients in LodgeiT

Step 5 - Synching your clients between LodgeiT and QuickBooks Online

Streamline data between QuickBooks Online and LodgeiT by importing and mapping your client list.

Sync your clients to LodgeiT

Step 6 - Inviting and managing team member access

You can have unlimited team members access LodgeiT. Learn how to set up your team and manage what areas they can access.

Inviting team members into LodgeiT

Managing team access to specific clients or access levels within the firm

Manage team member access in LodgeiT

Step 7a – Preparing a BAS

Complete your first BAS and send it to your client to review and sign.

BAS activity statements in LodgeiT

Step 7b – Preparing a tax return

Learn how to navigate around and complete your first return in LodgeiT.

Individual tax returns in LodgeiT

Step 8 - Need additional lodgments?

Level up with the ProAdvisor Program and move through the program tiers to unlock additional QuickBooks Tax benefits.

ProAdvisor badges

Upskill in QuickBooks Tax

Build on your learning by completing our on-demand QuickBooks Tax training or, join an upcoming training webinar.

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