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Cash Flow Management Software

Managing cash flow made easy

Get custom cash flow tips and real-time balances from connected bank and credit card accounts. Secure, plan, and predict with QuickBooks Cash Flow Software—all in one place.

Cash Flow report in QuickBooks. Powerful forecasting and management tools for small businesses.

Explore our cash flow management features

Powerful software features that bring significant benefits to your small business.

Save time
Save time

Say goodbye to manual data entry and get time back with our intelligent automation software

Financial data security
Financial data security

Secure and backup your data in the cloud

Bank accounts reconciliation
Bank accounts reconciliation

Automatically matching transactions and providing clear reconciliation reports

Get customised reports
Get customised reports

Access comprehensive reporting and advanced analytics capabilities for cash flow management

Take control of your financial health anytime, anywhere

QuickBooks Cash Flow is a powerful financial management tool designed to help businesses track, analyse and optimise their cash flow.

QuickBooks streamlines cash management by providing small businesses with real-time tracking:

  • Every transaction automatically syncs right to your dashboard
  • Effortlessly manage your data in the cloud
  • Connect to your bank to effortlessly access a comprehensive overview of your cash flow. 
  • Automates time-consuming and repetitive accounting tasks
  • Real-time data gives you the details you need to manage your cash flow
  • Access real-time cash flow reporting 
Manager viewing the QuickBooks cash flow planner.

Boost business success with cash flow management

With QuickBooks, you always know where your business is going, so you can budget wisely and stay ready for anything.

Gain financial confidence

QuickBooks cash flow feature empowers small business owners to 

  • Confidently manage cash inflows and outflows 
  • Make informed financial decisions
  • Drive budgeting precision with accurate data insights

Custom cash flow reporting

Track your cash flow and financial performance through our user-friendly reporting tools, including statement reports and balance sheet reports.

Small business owner looking happy after viewing business balances on QuickBooks.

See the future of your cash flow

Unlock financial foresight with QuickBooks. Insightful reports help you optimise decision making and see the future of your business's cash flow. 

  • Gain insights into your business's spending habits, trends and cash position
  • Streamline planning, budgeting, and driving efficient growth
A small business owner is reviewing financial reports on the QuickBooks app to forecast future cash flow performance.

Stay on top of BAS and other obligations

QuickBooks Cash Flow can help you track tax liabilities like GST to make preparing and paying your BAS a breeze.

Small business owner smiling while glancing at the BAS summary on the QuickBooks App.

Predict when your invoices will get paid

Smart predictions make it easy to know when your invoices will be paid. We'll even factor in your regular late-paying customers by their transaction history, to ensure you're never caught short again.

Manager smiling after viewing the predicted invoice on QuickBooks.
Accelerate your business growth with QuickBooks Cash Flow Management

What our customers are saying

What our customers are saying

Peter Philip, Wayward Brewing Co
“We think about cash flow an awful lot of the time, and it’s crucial that we remain up-to-date on our financials. QuickBooks is our source of truth”
Peter Philip, Wayward Brewing Co.

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