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Effortless reporting

Create payroll reports from four main categories: Payroll, Employee, Time & Attendance and ATO reporting. Using report filters such as date range, employing entity, pay schedule, and location, to name a few, you can easily retrieve the specific financial data you require, with minimum effort.

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Report pack automation

Save the hassle of downloading a report, saving it, attaching it, and then writing an email to each relevant person every pay run. With Quickbooks Payroll report packs feature, you will only need to configure a report pack initially and Quickbooks Payroll will automatically send your chosen reports over on a recurring basis based on the schedule you have set. This will save you time and let you work on more important aspects of your business.

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All in one payroll reporting

Quickbooks Payroll offers an immediate link to journal services, allowing your data to integrate from Quickbooks Payroll into QuickBooks Online. This seamless flow of data removes the need for you to go back and forth across different systems manually and add the data to your BAS.

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Configure a report pack once and we will automatically send it to selected recipients on a recurring basis

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No ongoing work will be required once a report pack is configured

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A suite of report types to provide foresight and help you grow your business

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What our users are saying

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“Easy and brings peace of mind” Using QB payroll gives me peace of mind that I won't overlook something...The software is very straightforward and gives me the options I need. If I have a question, I am able to get support...and they walk me through the process.
Stephanie H., HR Director, Marketing and Advertising - QuickBooks Payroll Customer for 2+ years
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“Best in house payroll software EVER!” Love Love Love it! I recommend all small businesses use this program...The amount of lines I can use for commission, Mileage, Bonuses etc... is what makes this such a great program. It will also file your taxes for you.
Debbie C., Office Manager, Construction - QuickBooks Payroll Customer for 2+ years
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“Quickbooks payroll makes it easy” Have no worries if you use this payroll software. It files all your taxes and pays them for you. The year end is a snap with their full reports and help when you need it. You just enter the employees hours and pay and QuickBooks will do the rest.
Susan A., Accounting, Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing - QuickBooks Payroll Customer for 2+ years