What is Single Touch Payroll (STP)?


Single Touch Payroll is the new way for employers to report wages, PAYG and super to the ATO.


Now, instead of waiting until the end of the financial year, payroll info is reported every time staff get paid.

How QuickBooks can help with STP compliance?


Discover the benefits of Single Touch Payroll and using QuickBooks for payroll powered by KeyPay.


Streamline reporting


Automatically send payroll info each pay run

Fast and accurate processing


No more manual data entry

Easier at tax time


Save time and paperwork at the end of the financial year

ATO approved


Send complete and ATO compliant reports with every pay run

When does Single Touch Payroll start?


Single Touch Payroll is here now. If you manage payroll for your business or a client, you will need to comply before your next pay run.


Once you're set up, every pay run you report will comply with the ATO legislation. If you think you have missed the STP compliance cut-off, talk to your accountant or bookkeeper about Single Touch Payroll.


According to the ATO, small employers with 19 or less employees need to now report their employees’ payroll information through Single Touch Payroll.


Micro employers with less than 4 employees can report through their registered tax or BAS agent on a quarterly basis.


Large employers with 20 or more employees should be reporting through Single Touch Payroll already.

How do I get ready for Single Touch Payroll?


The new ATO legislation means that all employers will have to use STP compliant software to run payroll.




I don't have payroll software


There are plenty of software providers out there, but unlike some, QuickBooks payroll has STP compliance built in. Plans start from just $. a month, so whatever your business, you can pay your staff with ease and confidence.



I'm an existing user


If you're a QuickBooks user, you're in good hands. Our integrated payroll solution has been ATO compliant and Single Touch Payroll ready for some time.


Find out how to enable STP in QuickBooks Online.

Plans and pricing


All plans include STP compliant payroll, powered by KeyPay.

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Single Touch Payroll checklist

Download the handy STP checklist to help get your payroll in order.


How to switch on STP in QuickBooks

  1. Sign in to your QuickBooks account
  2. Select Employees and sign up to KeyPay (our integrated payroll partner)
  3. Select Payroll settings then Electronic lodgment and STP
  4. Select Enable Single Touch Payroll


For a more detailed look at how to set up STP, click here.



Discover more about Single Touch Payroll (STP)


Whether you’re a small business owner or an accountant / bookkeeper, we’ve got you covered on Single Touch Payroll with tailored resources, guides and videos for your needs.


STP for small business


STP for accountants & bookkeepers


Hear how QuickBooks is helping our customers with Single Touch Payroll compliance

I love how QuickBooks brings efficiency to our payroll. Hours are logged on-site with the app and we receive it instantly.


Ana Saad Co-Founder - J&JJ Landscaping

We use QuickBooks for most of our clients. It's STP compliant and has the tools that the building industry needs.


Maria Cavallaro, Founder - Tradie Troopers

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