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Swag: The Latest Self-Service App for Employees

QuickBooks Payroll employees can enjoy everything in one place with Swag by Employment Hero. Swag is the latest staff management and benefits app, offering on-the-go access for staff to manage timesheets, leave and view payslips, all from your pocket.

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Benefits of Swag

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Stop clicking between tabs

Bring payslips, expenses and leave requests under one roof.

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Mobile timesheets

With Swag, your staff can create and modify timesheets for your approval. Timesheet data is automatically calculated and integrated into pay runs.

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Stress-free shift management

Employees can view, accept, swap, and bid for shifts, while managers have full visibility of the roster, employee availability, and approved leave.

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Benefits for your team

Swag offers users a range of benefits including cashback offers of up to 20% at over 1200 retailers.

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What are the features of Swag?

Swag helps employers have an improved experience with their teams by enabling admin tasks like rostering and scheduling updates in one easy dashboard. It’s a one stop shop for employees to:

  • View payslips.
  • Manage timesheets.
  • Clock-in and out.
  • Access to cashback benefits of up to 20% at over 1200 retailers.
  • Manage leave requests.
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How to download Swag

It’s easy to get started, staff can download the Swag app from the Google Play or Apple App Store and enter their existing WorkZone username and password to access Swag. To download Swag, follow these steps:

  1. Search for Swag in your Play or App Store and tap on Install.
  2. Wait for the app to download and Tap on Open.
  3. Enter the same email address and password that is linked to your WorkZone profile.
  4. Tap Log In.
  5. Enter the authentication number that is sent to your mobile device, and tap Verify.
  6. Enter a passcode that you create.

Need help?

We recommend visiting the Swag support and chat area directly. 

Here you can search for relevant articles or start a chat session: https://swagapp.com/support/

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