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2018-04-19 23:10:38Product UpdatesEnglishWe understand the way you communicate with your customers is important. In order to provide your clients with a seamless user experience,...https://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/au_qrc/uploads/2018/04/invoiceemails.jpghttps://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/product-updates/new-improvements-to-invoice-emails-for-quickbooks-online/New Improvements To Invoice Emails | QuickBooks Australia

New improvements to invoice emails for QuickBooks Online

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We understand the way you communicate with your customers is important. Every interaction reflects your brand and your business, so it’s imperative that even the little things are on point. In order to provide your clients with a seamless user experience, we’ve made exciting improvements to our invoice emails for QuickBooks Online customers.  

New benefits of invoice emails

To make it easier for recipients to view their invoices, we’ve now embedded the invoice in the actual email template, instead of leaving it as an attachment. We’ve also made it possible for you to customise your invoice emails even more, so they can better reflect your brand and style.

In a nutshell, here are the benefits of our new invoice emails:

Highlighted brand: The invoice colours from the standard template or your customised invoice will now appear within the invoice email template. This will ensure your invoices better represent your business (instead of QuickBooks).

Accessibility: Small business customers will now see invoice details directly in their email, without having to click review and pay or print or save buttons. Customers will also be able to easily search their inboxes for their invoices by item or other invoice details.

Mobile responsive display: Customers can easily view invoices on their mobile devices without the need to pinch and zoom.

Updated design: The new design closely mirrors settings displayed on printed or PDF invoices based on the user’s selected customization settings.

Account summary: Invoice template emails will now also display an account summary. This allows customers to view the amount due for the invoice sent in addition to the total amount due for all outstanding invoices for that customer.

What does this change look like in QuickBooks?

When you select save and send from an invoice in QuickBooks, the first change you will notice is that the invoice preview will no longer be the printed form PDF, but the new simplified email template (see screenshot for before/after), which displays a live preview of what the customer will receive.

Current save and send screen with PDF preview

Updated save and send screen with PDF preview

The second place the invoice will be different is when a user selects print or save from the email itself, which opens the invoice in their internet browser.

It’s important to understand that these changes apply to only the email and digital versions of the invoice. The PDF or printed form of the invoice (if attached to the email or printed from Quickbooks via print/preview) will still retain the same look and feel currently set in your QuickBooks file.

Frequently asked questions

How do I change the colouring or content of the new email invoice?

The emailed invoice relies on the same settings used in your custom form styles for both look and feel and information displayed, accessible from the gear icon in QuickBooks settings.

When is this change happening?

We will be applying this update for all of our customers over a 2-3 week period starting in late April.

Will other emailed forms get this update?

At this time the enhancement is only for invoices, but we hope to roll out this updated look/feel for other emailed forms in the near future.

Why does the redesigned email template look different when my customer opens it?

The redesigned email template is optimized for iPhone, Gmail and Outlook (Mac and Windows). If your customer opens the redesigned email in another platform, the design may differ slightly in the email, but the PDF and/or version of the invoice that is opened in the invoice web portal will retain the design of their custom form style.

I don’t like this new email. Can I go back to the old version?

We have tested this updated design with many QuickBooks customers, and while most love the changes we know some may think otherwise. Please share any feedback about these changes with us at feedback.qbo.intuit.com.

For any issues, feedback, or help configuring the look and feel of your QuickBooks email invoice, feel free to contact our amazing Customer Success team.


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