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How to find a customer by address and line item listing

Hi.....I work for various companies, who have a variety property addresses allocated to them. My question is can i search for an invoice by the text within it?


For example, i have 1 client who has 5 companies and a portfolio of 140 properties distributed across the 5 companies. So the invoice is always sent to the company and with in the text of the invoice, i detail individual addresses that i have carried out work on. So come the end of the week, when i invoice, i need to allocate approx. 9 addresses to one of his companies, as you can imagine this can be quite stressful. My previous invoicing software (Invoice 2 go) offered this search facility and even though i have stopped my subscription to them, i am still able to log on and carry out my search. Surely QB can add this to their software?


Finally i cannot seem to line item, with bullet points. Surely this is a must have? I cannot seem to carry out a simple task like listing item/details of works carried out!!!!


Any help would be really appreciated



QuickBooks Team

Re: How to find a customer by address and line item listing

Hi Erkan


If you are using our self employed prodcut you will only be able to use the search facility for any open invoices/invoice saved as drafts. If you enter the address in the description of the invoice and then start typing the address in the search column the invoice will then appear on the list.


It is not possible to use the above method if you are wanting to search for invoices that have already been sent. Our products are evolving constantly and to enable us to meet your requirements, and hopefully get them implemented, we would be grateful if you can leave feedback from within the product.