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How to produce a report of suppliers paid by BACS?

I need to produce a report consisting of suppliers paid by BACS on a given date. This will then be exported and used to pay the suppliers. The report needs to include sort code, account number, supplier name and amount paid. Is there an existing report or can I customise one?

QuickBooks Team

Re: How to produce a report of suppliers paid by BACS?

Hey Accounts63,


Can i clarify something, you've said you'd like a report consisting of suppliers paid by bacs on a given date, this will be exported then used to pay suppliers? I'm reading that as a conflict, the report will show suppliers paid, which you'll use to pay the suppliers - aren't they already paid?


Are you trying to get a BACS spreadsheet to upload to your bank to initialise and use the banks features to make all the payments to the suppliers? Have you already marked the bills as paid on QB?




Do each of your payment transactions have the Sort Code and Account Number referenced on it, whether that is the Bill, Expense or Bill Payment? If you do, do you have that in the Memo/Description section?


I can't think of an existing report, I'm thinking you could use the Transaction List by supplier - then filter this to only show the transactions you want it to. As long as the Sort Code, Account number is on the Memo or Description of the transaction, this can show. You can add columns for Account, for memo and description. You can filter this to bring up paid or unpaid transactions, or both.



If i'm along the right lines, great! If i'm not, please correct me Smiley Happy 


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Re: How to produce a report of suppliers paid by BACS?

Hi James,


Yes you're along the right lines. I don't have a problem paying off the suppliers on QB, but I can't then produce a report which I can use to physically pay them. I'll explain my problem in more details if that helps.


Currently, to pay by BACS, I go to 'Pay Bills' on QB and tick off all the bills I wish to pay. At month end this could be up to 30 suppliers. I then have to create a text file consisting of each supplier's name, account number, sort code, amount payable and date. This is very time consuming and prone to errors. I then use this file to physically pay by BACS through other software.


There is a report I use for paying employees by BACS called 'BACS Report' under the reports tab. This report has an employee on each row with all the details needed. It is easy to customise and I've never had a problem with it. So I need to know if there is an equivalent report for suppliers.


I've had a look at the 'Transaction list by supplier' report you suggested, but it doesn't show the bank details of the supplier and also breaks down each payment into individual bills, rather than a total amount.


You suggest putting the bank details in the memo/description box - would this mean I have to put it on every bill? It is already possible to enter the supplier's bank details in the 'edit supplier' section - why would this there if I can't bring that info into a report?


Thanks for your help.

QuickBooks Team

Re: How to produce a report of suppliers paid by BACS?

Hey avvounys63,


Have you tried using the custom fields on the Transaction list by supplier report? There are fields for Supplier Sort code, Supplier account number which could be used for this and you also filter by transaction type of bill payment this may well provide you with the details you need for your report.


Let me know if with these filters you have information which you need.