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Multi-company Files in QuickBooks Online

Having the ability to have multiple companies on one login can be great. And with QuickBooks Online this is possible. What this means is that you have one login with which you can switch between your companies at any time. This is especially great if you are always forgetting your passwords. But there are other benefits too:

Benefits of using multi-company files

  • The multi-file deal is beneficial financially for any and every customer who runs more than one business. If you need several accounts, Intuit QuickBooks can offer a 30% off each subscription for 24 months. This deal is exclusively offered through the tele sales team.
  • If you have multiple businesses or different branches and you wish to run each branch’s books separately, this deal is great for you. If you are the Main trustee of several Trusts, this is a great place to have all your Trusts in one place. This deal will also work well if you specifically need to report on certain income or revenue streams separately from a tax perspective.

Ultimately, the reasons for needing several accounts are endless, but QuickBooks Online gives you peace of mind in knowing that you have one software, with one login which you can access anywhere, anytime and have all your information at your fingertips; and that is powerful.

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