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App of the Month: GoCardless

Good morning all! September feels like it has flown by and Autumn is well and truly here. With the chillier weather, I also bring you October's App of the Month; GoCardless.


GoCardless recently featured at #13 in LinkedIn's top 25 most sought-after startups.


This app allows small businesses to easily accept payments from their customers through Direct Debit. You enjoy the advantages of Direct Debit — low rates (minimum transaction amount is 20p, 1% capped at £2 per transaction), control over your cash flow (you decide when to collect payments from your customers), and automatic recurring payments. You can collect invoices via Direct Debit, schedule recurring invoices for Direct Debit, set up new mandates with customers, import existing mandates from GoCardless, and manage your mandates from within QuickBooks.



Why switch to GoCardless? 

Standing Order - Automatic payment collection and reconciliation with QuickBooks.

Cash/Cheque/Bank transfer - Automatically take payment on the invoice due date.

Credit/Debit Card - Lower cost at 1% per transaction, min. 20p capped at £2.

Other Direct Debit provider - Reduce clearing time to 2 days and no hidden processing charges.



For more information on the integration of GoCardless, visit our App card. 


We also have upcoming webinar dates for Accountants to join. The webinar for Accountants will help your clients take control of late payments Wednesday, 10 October 2018. 10:00 to 10:30. 


Do you have experience using GoCardless? How did you find it? If not, what do you use instead? Comment below!






Level 7

App of the Month: GoCardless

Hi Jack,


Great choice of app for 'App of the month' on the community. We started using Go Cardless last year to collect our monthly fees from our clients and it has sped up our processes no end! 


It is easy to set up and understand and from a business perspective saves a lot of time and effort chasing up those late paying customers.




App of the Month: GoCardless

Fantastic to hear you're processes have been made more efficient as a result @EmilyMockett


Featuring in LinkedIn's top 25 most sought-after startups really is a testament to the hard-work and innovation coming from GoCardless and is a game-changer for me once featured on that list. 


The bar is high, so I'm excited to see what other integrated apps can produce! 

Level 2

App of the Month: GoCardless

Go-Cardless is a fantastic app that can really help automate part of these regular re-curring sales process.  I have been using for a couple of years and the amount of time saved on collecting and recording payments has really helped me.