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GoCardless App - Recurring Transactions



Hoping someone may be able to help with this:


We use GoCardless to collect monthly recurring payments over a set period and need to link customer payments/installments to the one invoice number in Quickbooks to match information across our business systems.


We have the GC App installed and have been testing to see if it will fit in with what we need it to (currently the whole manual reconcilaition process between receiving payments and recording this manually in QB's is taking ages)


I have a bespoke backend admin panel on my website that will generate the invoice first (we then enter these details into QB's) We want to use the GC app DD system within QB's to manage/sync the direct debit process with GC but are having difficulties keeping all info the same between the 2 systems. When QB's auto-generates the next receipt/invoice it uses the next sequential invoice number available. We need any sales receipt/DD payment to be recorded against the 1 invoice to keep numbering the same between the 2 systems.


Any workarounds to keep this process automated?


Many thanks


GoCardless App - Recurring Transactions

Hello there, Cartman. I appreciate you for posting it here.


The program will automatically follow the numbering once you've created an invoice. We can turn on the Custom transaction numbers feature to create a new one and set the number to the desired next number. Though, it still follows the last invoice number created.


I can see that see the time and effort to manually recording them to QuickBooks. You can visit our blog website for reference on what's new and what's coming in QuickBooks. Newly features and enhanced ones will be posted there from time to time. 


Please let me know if you have other questions. Take care and stay safe always.

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GoCardless App - Recurring Transactions

Hi and thanks for your reply.


Just wanted to clarify this please - I need to be able to accept DD payments via GoCardless and once an invoice has been raised on our separate bespoke web site - raise the same invoice number in QB's and then use the GoCardless App to instruct mandates and a payment schedule and automatically post the corresponding transactions in QB's. However, any payment schedule collected via DD needs to be referenced to the same, original invoice number raised - I do not want subsequent installment invoices raised by QB's to have a different invoice number. Even if it meant [Original Invoice Number] + a suffix attached to further installments being made and recorded e.g. 310000 for the original QB's invoice and subsequent invoices issued over the repayment period of 310000/B then 310000/C and so forth...


Is it at all possible to achieve this in any way?


Many thanks


GoCardless App - Recurring Transactions

Hello there, @Cartman


I'll provide clarification regarding your concern. 


Currently, we're unable to raise the same invoice numbers in QBO with your GoCardless data. The system will still auto-follow the numbering sequence from the last transaction created. I recognize the value of having this feature, as this helps meet your business needs. I'll make sure to take note of this. 


I'd still suggest performing the workaround provided by SarahannC above to set your numbering preference


For the time being, I recommend visiting this link to learn more about our product enhancements: UK Blog


Lastly, you can check out this website: GoCardless Guide. It contains more details about using the application in QBO, managing mandates, scheduling a direct debit, and reconciling with your bank. 


Please let me know if you need anything else. I'll gladly help. Keep safe. 

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