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We would like to be able to create custom reports. We know how to customize the reports that are available within QB but they have significant limitations. We spend hours each month manipulating data exported to Excel to create the reports we need. The data held within the custom fields is particularly important to us.

We have tried using Reach Reporting but can't access invoices, products or custom fields through their platform. Does anybody have any ideas please?





I can see how the benefit of being able to create the custom reports you need would aid you in running the business with QuickBooks Online (QBO), @richard91. That's why I'm here to share a few details about this.


We take customer suggestions as opportunities to improve the various features (reporting) within our products. Therefore, I would encourage you to send suggestions or product recommendations.


Your valuable feedback will be forwarded and reviewed by our Product Development team to help improve your experience while using the program. Here's how:


  1. Go to the Gear icon.
  2. Select Feedback.
  3. Type in your recommendation in the Share your feedback field.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.


I've attached screenshots below that show the first four steps.



Also, to further guide you in getting insight into your business performance using QBO, I'd recommend checking out this article: Reports Help Articles. It includes info about creating and running stock reports, balance sheets, and profit and loss to manage your business.


On top of that, I'd also recommend visiting this page to keep you updated with the latest software improvements and enhancements with QBO: Customer Feedback for QuickBooks Online.


I'm all ears if you have other reporting concerns in QBO. You can drop a comment below, and I'll gladly help. Take care, and I wish you continued success, @richard91.

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Thank you for your reply.


I am very happy to leave feedback but really I need to try and solve the problem.


Do you know if any of your recommended partner Apps might be of help?


Also do you have any idea if or when QuickBooks Online Advanced will be available in the UK please?





QuickBooks Team


Welcome back, @richard91.


While we can't recommend any apps that can help create custom reports in QuickBooks Online (QBO), you can go to the Apps menu and search for a third-party app. Here's how:


  1. Sign in to your QBO account.
  2. Click Apps from the left menu.
  3. In the Find Apps tab, search for a keyword for the app.
  4. Select Get app now.


If you need further questions about the app, I suggest reaching out to their customer support team.


On the other hand, we haven't received any update on when the QBO Advanced version will be available. For now, you can also include this suggestion when sending feedback.


You might also be interested in reading this article: Customise reports in QuickBooks Online. This allows you to customise reports and focus on the details that matter the most to you.


Please know that I'm just a reply away if you need any further assistance running and customising reports in QBO. Wishing you all the best, @richard91.

BI4Cloud Business Intelligence
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Hi @richard91 

Just checking have you been able to find a solution yet to help you create real customised reports over your QuickBooks Online data including the Custom fields, Invoices and Products?


Our Business Intelligence solution BI4Cloud may be able to help you. We are on the QuickBooks App Store.


We pull transaction level data which allows you to create your own flexible reports from Dashboard level right down to detail. Our reports cover GL data also Sales Invoices, Purchases and Products including the Custom Fields. So this allows you to use many different fields to Filter by, Group your data by or Pivot by as columns. You then simply Save your new reports to re-run anytime and on our Enterprise version you can save any report to email out daily/weekly/monthly.


Please let us know more specifically what reports you are wanting to create and I will see if I can create a report example using BI4Cloud, or connect up your QuickBooks file on the 14 day free trial and we can help you there.


 Jennifer Kelly CA


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