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jimmy hill
Level 1

Syncing is not happening on my mobile app?

Why is my QB Mobile app not syncing with the QB website?
QuickBooks Team

Syncing is not happening on my mobile app?

I know the reason why it won't sync, Jimmy. I'm here to share some steps to fix it and get your data loaded in the QuickBooks Online (QBO) mobile app.


The mobile app ensures that your data is synchronized and updated with QBO on the website. All the tasks you perform and any information you input on the web will be visible on the application, and vice versa. However, if you experience syncing issues, it can be due to an unstable internet connection. Thus, it's significant to secure a stable network. You also ensure the software is in the latest version to get the newest security patches and fix matters for better program performance.


Moreover, you could also resync your data to view the most up-to-date information available. I'll write down the reference for doing that on different mobile operating systems.


For iOS:

  1. Tap Settings, then locate General.
  2. Select iPhone Storage, then click the QuickBooks Online app.
  3. Press Offload App.

    Offload data.png


For Android:

  1. Go to Menu ☰, then tap More Options ⋮.
  2. Select Settings, then Refresh Data.
  3. Tap YES to confirm.


Furthermore, I'll attach this helpful article that walks you through resolving typical problems in the mobile app: Fix common errors in the QuickBooks Online mobile app for Android.


Through this, you will be able to sync your data in the application. If you have any other concerns about syncing data or other questions about the QuickBooks, please let us know by adding comments below. We’ll always be here to assist you, Jimmy.

James Read
Level 4

Syncing is not happening on my mobile app?

Hi Jimmy, Julia


I can confirm the iPhone app is currently 100% broken (nothing is syncing correctly, data / invoices / customers / payments etc are missing). See other forum reports on the issue.


I reported 23rd May. It’s a worldwide issue, with users all reporting slightly different data missing, but the similarity is sync is broken, so data is missing / not synced (totals don’t match etc).

Julia is correct that delete / re-install (and wait for company data to download) is usually the first test / fix for app issues, and at some point it will be the fix…but not until QB have worked out and fixed the sync issue.

After a normal delete / re-install, one of our accounts would take 2-5 minutes to “download company data” (5 years days). Since the bug, it only takes 2 seconds. I’ll know it’s fixed, when it syncs and all the totals match (eg overdue invoices show as 2/3’s what they should be, compared to the web app.


We have multiple accounts and multiple users, so I know when an issue affects everyone…and this affects everyone.


For now, if you want to see correct data on an iPhone, you have to use the web app on Safari via (which is really, really fiddly for the average user to use on an iPhone, so the fix can’t come soon enough).








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